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#BLACKLIMERESERVE #LOWTHC #12.89% Nice even smoke

#BLACKLIMERESERVE #LOWTHC #12.89% Nice even smoke

Nice low THC strain with a balanced effect.  Lowest price in town.

at 12.89% THC this is one of those really nice strains you can smoke all day

Tell your bud tender the secret word of the day to get the deal.



$7 gram $25 eighth




  • “I have anxiety disorders and major depression. I was hesitant to try this strain because it is sativa dom. But I absolutely love it. It tastes fantastic and smells delicious. It made me feel relaxed and euphoric. I guess its great for pain, I wasnt aware of that when I bought it so thats an extra bonus. Very strong and hit me immediately. I didnt feel the couch lock but once I came down I slept like a baby. Very ple…”

  • “Great strain, not an indica though. If leafly did their research, this a hybrid leaning towards the sativa side. This is not a new strain either. This has been in Mendocino county for years. Awesome smoke though!”

  • “Just… Awesome. It was borderline psychotropic, but that’s just me; I smoked four bong hits every 10 minutes, this is saying a lot for me. Because: 1. I’m a lightweight. 2. I don’t often do bong hits. 3. I usually don’t go back for seconds, let alone 4. 4. I would have smoked more if not for falling asleep. Oh yeah,then relax into a happy deep sleep.”

  • “A fun Indica with a twist, how could I resist? Purplish kush nugs, earth and lime scented. A little hash as flower when smoked, tasty, strong but not off the hook. Could be used all day if needed. Great for relaxation and pain management.”

  • “What a time to be a stoner! I can buy this at the store? Holy hell what an explosion of flavors. I get something different every blast, pine then lemon then earthy then sweet. It says indica and the linage would point that way but I get way more of a sativa effect from it , I think it takes after the Northern Lights the most. I think the price of this will be going up as the demand exceeds the supply. I think it wou…”

  • “This strain provides a relaxing yet uplifting euphoric high. The body relaxation is great and I notice positives effects in combating my anxiety. Frosty bud. Lot of orange hairs. Bomb weed overall.”


  • “Such a great strain. Immediate high, slowly relaxing your body as it grows. Perfect for chronic pain sufferers. Also quite euphoric. I have noticed though, that coming down from this, I always end up passing out into nap time. Definitely one of my top 10’s.”

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#Cherry #Zephyr #durango #recroom #dispensary Downtown.  This is a really nice balanced strain.  Come in today and get the “Local Special”

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for $7 gram and $25 eighth.




Cherry Zephyr

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The Bank Genetics Cherry Zephyr is a Hybrid of Cherry Pie x Trainwreck that’s 75% Sativa-dominant. Cherry Zephyr’s average-height adult plants produce a high yield with an average flower time between 60 and 65 days. Enjoy the tart cherry terpene profile of this potent plant.

  • “Very great. Better oil than any dispensaries in Mass or other services. The cherry limeade is amazing as a strain and what a way to complement its unique taste by producing an amazing shatter. Super high in THC and feels like glass when you go to scrape a dab up, but it’s awesome. John provided me oil that was the perfect strain for my Crohn’s and there are zero residual solvents left over at all. John offers the pu…”

  • “Love this stuff. The smell and taste are great. Very good happy energetic buzz. Purchased as “Cherry Lime Haze” @ Red Eye Relief downtown Denver.”

  • “Extremely happy high, recommend Arizona Cherry rickey Limeade to set the flavor and mood for those summer seshs.”

  • “Possibly my favorite strain. Cherry limeade’s is one of the most uplifting highs I have ever had. It’s effects are noticeable pretty quickly and they last for a while. In small doses this is a great wake n bake however in larger doses you are almost certain to get uncontrollable laughter. I spent almost an hour with a buddy rolling around on the ground yelling at his Xbox. It was fun.”

  • “I’m smoking a pre-roll of this right now. It definitely hits like a sativa. It brings more in the way of happiness and euphoria than a rush of energy, the way some true sativas do. I would highly recommend this strain if I had the blues or just to chill with some friends early in the evening. I’d even give this strain another half a star, if I could but I can’t bring myself to say it’s as good as my very favorite str…”

WEED WEDNESDAY and the San Juan National Forest is reopening???? #bestweedforthebestprice #comeseeyourlocalbudtender #downtowndurango #mainstreet #specials


WHAT?? we must have over stocked our concentrate inventory

So we are doing $15 grams of sugar wax TODAY ONLY while supplies last

Thats right $15 for 1 gram of Flo Lemon Sugar Wax testing at 77.9% crossed against Nina Limone (Super Lemon Haze x Rebel God Smoke) to create an outstanding, flavorful sativa that is motivating without an aggressive raciness.


We also have

Mandarin Dreams 1/8ths for $30 


Flo Grams for $10




  • can’t help it, I really love this bud!!! Makes me very chatty and bubbly. A very happy, jolly high you shall have. Great spicy smell and taste included in this meal deal!! Go with the flo…”

  • “Goggles on. Air tank attached. Flippers secure. And jump! You splash into the water. Engulfed as it surrounds your body. As the immersion settles in, you find your bearings. There seems to be something curvy in the middle of the ocean right there. You start swimming towards it. Hmm… it seems to be a little bit harder to move than you remember it being not under the influence of water pressure, but it’s not impossib…”

  • “A lucid, happy high unlike I’ve ever experienced before. The high was strong but not overwhelming. It didn’t cloud or even slow my thoughts but energized them and granted them a clarity I would otherwise have to put more effort into to attain. Sort of like a calmer but just as energizing adderall high. I wouldn’t say the flower prompted the <i>most</i> creative or revelatory thoughts and feeling; rather, it greatly…”

  • “• theraplant’s Colorado Flo—>Chem Dawg x Flo • Flavor, aroma, smoke are 💣in this thc-25% tasty + energizing, BEAUTY sativa 🌺 with purple calyxes • • This is so “light” in so many ways!.. from the easy smoke to the very manageable euphoria + buzz.. as well as productivity-enhancing, mood-lifting & boosting… very go with the flow-y! • 5 ⭐ 💣🌺 • Recommend to one & all! • 👌🏻✌🏽•”

  • “Flo OG is similar but both strains are absolutely amazing for my anxiety and pain all in one. Taste is good/great. Nothing I would get tired of…. ever. Always have some of this in my stash!”

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#GranolaFunk #DurangoRecroom #26% #THC #BESTPRICE #DURANGO #COLORAD

#GranolaFunk #DurangoRecroom #26% #THC #BESTPRICE #DURANGO #COLORADO


We have a great strain on special today coming in at 26%

Details about Granola Funk below


FUNK  tell your bud tender the secret word and get this for $8 and $30 eighth



Bringing the funk with its extremely rich, dank, deep flavor. Derived from parent strains Forum Cut GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies) and Wookie #15, our second Cookie strain is sure to leave you chillin’ in a happy and relaxed cerebral state. Currently testing at 23%-26% THC. Comes in 1g, 2g, & 3.5g sizes. Bulk sizes packaged in glass/mason jars include 7g, 14g, & 28g.

Crossing Girl Scout Cookies from Cut and Wookie 15 together resulted in this original variety. Granola Funk is a more funky strain which got named after the famous rainbow gathering bakery and kitchen. Its original properties are providing completly new smoking experience. Granola Funk has a strong medicinal values which works perfectly for body pain and mind.
Genetics : Girl Scout Cookie From Cut x Wookie 15
Sex : Regular
Area : Indoor and Outdoor This new cannabis seed from Bodhi Seeds is something special. It has been bred as a cross between GSC Forum cut and Wookie 15, something Bodhi seeds know you marijuana lovers will enjoy. As per usual with Bodhi seeds expect Granola Funk to be ready within 9 weeks.
Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only
GG#4 Gorilla glue #Durango #recroom

#GG #4. #Gorrillaglue at the #DurangoRecroom #bestpriceindurango

#GG #4. #Gorrillaglue at the #DurangoRecroom The best for less

#GG#4 is a great old school strain guaranteed to get you there.

Durango’s best weed at the best price.

Get the Secret word of the day right here.

Secret word of the day is “Gorrilla”. tell your bud tender and they will get you a gram for only $10 and an eighth for $30




What is GG4?

GG4, formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4, developed by GG Strains, is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch. Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the room with pungent earthy and sour aromas inherited from its parent strains, Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. Taking first place in both the Michigan and Los Angeles 2014 Cannabis Cups as well as the High TimesJamaican World Cup, this multiple award-winning hybrid’s supremacy is no longer a secret, and consumers will search far and wide to get their hands sticky with GG4.

“Initial impression: My bud-tender said in the usual tone “what’ll it be?” I chirped back, “surprise me, something new from the cannaseur shelf’ please”. So I was handed a newer strain aptly named “Mother’s Milk. The other one was Gorilla Glue #4 (GG)” (reviewed in this post). Needless to say, I was pretty excited about both of these. I sampled this one in a pre-rolled cone form, also rolled with “Raw Cones” thanks to…”


“Not for me. Way too powerful. I’m prone to anxiety and this little green gem sent my paranoia through the roof. I was thinking that my neighbors were standing outside of my apartment door, ready to knock it down and demand that I have sex with them. I would’ve had no choice but to whip it out, I’m just a nice guy like that. — Other than my own problems getting in the way of this marvelous medicine, it’s pretty …”


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The Top THC-Dominant Strains of Washington State in Fall 2017
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#Pre98 #BubbaKush x #Phishead #OG #Cheapest gram in town

#Pre98 #BubbaKush x #Phishead #OG

#Pre98 #BubbaKush x #Phishead #OG grown with great bud structure trimmed perfectly.  Super nice and clean taste with that classic Bubba feeling.  A great relaxing strain thats perfect for watching this damn fire go out.

22.92 THC

SECRET WORD Tell your bud tender PHISHEAD.

$7 a gram and $25 eighth.  


from Leaflly

What is Pre-98 Bubba Kush?

Born in the days of grunge, The Spice Girls, and Y2K, Pre-98 Bubba Kush is a blast from the past. This strain provides consumers with a consistent indica-heavy body sensation, making it a favorite for more than a decade. Pre-98 Bubba Kush is great for those looking for pain relief without feeling overwhelmed or incapacitated. Flowering at around 10 weeks, P-98 features a pungent, musky scent and coffee-like taste. This oldie but goodie might be just the thing when you’re looking to relax and unwind at the end of a long day.

“Okay so I’ve gotta give some background to my review: I’ve been smoking pretty regularly for four years, and I’ve tried many different medical strains for my anxiety/body pains. But lately I’ve been having some new issues with MJ that I’ve never had before… so this strain was a pleasant surprise. I don’t know if my body and hormones are just changing or what, but lately I’ve become a one-hit wonder and very sensiti…”


“Forgot about this oldie but a goodie. Fresh from a friendly grower, this has even more earthy aroma than I remembered and delivered a smooth on-ramp merge of calm, steady and relaxed. Heading off for a road trip. I’ll be the perfect passenger.”


Durango Recroom

#50% off an #1/8th??? 30% too?? #bestpriceindurango #Cheapest #dailyspecial

HIGHEST QUALITY FOR THE #bestspriceindurango

$30 1/8th

A – Dub 29.89% THC with the lineage of Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Chem Dawg giving off a well balanced effect delivering creative thoughts and a euphoric high, a strain you can smoke all day long without a worry in the world! Take some stress away from this fire and stop in to see your favorite bud tenders Nick and Nathan

Just be sure to use the codeword CREATIVE or show your bud tender this post to receive the deal


But wait don’t tell Pat, we also snuck our I-95 grams on special for $6 a gram while supplies last

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BEST BUD BEST PRICE IN #Durango Cheapest price in Durango!!!

Check out today’s local fb special.

This is a really nice locally grown strain you’ll enjoy all day


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$7 gram $25 eighth

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Sour Chem #2




why get that cheap stuff in town when you can get the best for the same price?

Check this out….


Come on in and get this beautiful Chem cross for only $7 a gram

416 fire Downtown Durango best deal Locals

416 fire Downtown Durango best deal Locals

Good Afternoon Durango. I hope everyone is doing well.  Today we have a flower and edible special for all of our great customers.

For our Flower special we have the best strain in town. It is Sour Chem #2. A great uplifting HYBRID for all your day time needs. The Sour Chem #2 has a distinct sour aroma with a hint of diesel that stuns the senses. This strain starts off with an energizing, cerebral high that leaves the user feeling creative, talkative and ready for the day. The flavor is sour and fuel tasting, just like the aroma exuding from the bud.

We have $11/grams and $35/8ths. Mention you saw this ad on face book for a even killer deal.

We also have a few more Leaf by Snoops left in stock so be sure to stop in and grab them while you can.