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Recreational Marijuana Concentrates

Concentrates are cannabis extracts, or oils, that contain the most of the plant’s chemical compounds (THC and CBD are most popular). Extracting is achieved through a variety of extraction processes; most of our concentrates and vape cartridges are extracted with CO2, which is much cleaner and better for you.

Live Resin

Live resin is flash-frozen as fresh plant matter for the maximum amount of terpenes possible and the best, fullest, and freshest cannabis flavor.

West EdisonStar Dawg Cured Resin85.48% THCa
West EdisonGrapevine Kush Puppy Sauce96.67%THCa
RM ExtractsSlazerbeam THCa Crystals98.51% THCa
TR ConcentrateChem D x I95 4g Honey Pot65.19% THCa


In wax products, the cannabis molecules crystallize due to agitation during extraction, causing the opaque appearance and thicker oil. Waxes are often found to contain potencies up to 95% THC, labeling it one of the highest concentrated forms of extracted THC on the market today (next to live resin).

West Edison Sour Chem 78.05% THCa
West EdisonGG#468.68% THCa
West EdisonQueen Mother Goji 69.60% THCa
West EdisonLemon Diesel 77.64% THCa
West EdisonEast Coast Glue73.09% THCa
West EdisonBlue Dream79.51%THCa
West EdisonHercules63.26%THCa
West EdisonGorilla75.26%THCa
West EdisonFlo62.39%THCa
West EdisonDurban Skunk75.93%THCa


Shatter is notorious for its transparent, “glassy” appearance and its clean, pure taste. Shatter is a high-potency, high-quality concentrate.

El SolPineapple Express 75% THCa
El SolBootlegger68.47%THCa


Similar to Rosin, sap is gooey in texture and can resemble the sap of a tree. Another CO2 extracted concentrate, this is a clean, tasty way to get your dab on.
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Vape Pens & Cartridges

For those of us who don’t always have time to light up a bowl, maybe don’t want to smell like smoke, or need something extra quick and easy on-the-go, vape pens are here to save the day.

companyTypeTHC mg
EvoLabChroma Hybrid Blend Cartridge and Disposable Pens500mg, 250mg
V3OilSativa Blend Cartridge,
Indica Blend Cartridge,
Hybrid Blend Cartridge
Indigo ProHybrid Distillate 500mg
Indigo ProSativa Distillate
Indigo ProIndica Distillate500mg
Bronnor Bullet Grand Daddy Purp, Sour Tangie, Durban Poison, GG#4, Platinum Cookies
Mellow Disposable 2:1 CBD:THC250mg
Elevated Disposable 2:1 THC:CBD250mg
Concentrate Supply Co. CartridgeIndica Strain Specific, Sativa Strain Specific, Hybrid Strain Specific, Flavored Hybrid Blends500mg
Sweet CO2 Mystery #98 High CBD Disposable500mg



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