Astro Dawg! The Jetson’s pet is at the Rec Room!!!

Durango Rec Room has the Astro Dawg!


Astro Dawg – Flower Special!

Astro Dawg is an indica/sativa variety from Danky Dankster.

This beautiful Hybrid (sativa leaning) bud, Astro Dawg, keeps your nose coming back to it because of its muse-like smell. A nice sharpness to it diesel tone goes down easy into your lungs, followed by an easy going sativa effect throughout the high. You won’t feel like you’re vibrating but you also won’t want to be sitting down. Beautiful for a warm day’s hike and some “astro-watching” 🙂

Durango Rec Room!




Make sure you give us the secret word for the day which will be: “Ruh Roh Roerge” to get an astronomical deal on this bud.

$9 grams/ $28 eighths!

Edible Special!

We’ve got good weed, what are we missing? Ferrets! Just kidding. It’s Koalas! All the different types of Koalas that we have will be going for $20 out the door. Disclaimer: these are not real Koalas that we’re talking about, we’re talking about delicious chocolate bars.



Astro Dawg Reviews!

As we couldn’t find a Leafly page on Astro Dawg, we used its closest relative, Alien Dawg (which, by the way, we also have).

Okay, never mind, this only needs one review. Thank you, i_miss_u_cupcake

Sincerely, Durango Rec Room


Astro dawg


4 stars

Why is this strain called Alien Dawg? Because it makes you feel like an alien, dawg. You just passed your spaceship driver’s test, and mom and pop alien are finally letting you take the spaceship out on your own for the first time. The galaxy is yours. This is what freedom feels like; you can go anywhere you want now! “Don’t go to the Dabula Quadrant, it’s too intense for the ship.” “Yes, ma.” You can go ALMOST anywhere you want now! Zzvvrroooom! And you’re off!

It’s so smooth as the ship breaks through the planet’s atmosphere, you straighten it out and soar through the emptiness known as space. Your head gently rests on the seat as you fly past planets in your solar system. You watch the stars and colorful nebulas from your peripherals as they glide past in the distance. It’s peaceful. Tranquil. There is so much that exists in the universe and so many corners still unchecked. What is the purpose behind this vastness? Astro dawg

PEW PEW! Oh no! Space pirates just shot at you! You put the ship in full gear so your head slightly presses against the headrest. Your body pulled into the seat as the ship moves faster and faster. PEW PEW! They’re getting closer! You curve around planet Kushiter. You have to jump to hyperspeed or you won’t make it! PEW PEW PEW! You have to do it now so you focus in. Switch on the capacitor and start the flux generator. Engage the voltron power cell. Steady the galactic tracer. Power the supersonic blastoid resurger and then — PUSH THE BUTTON! *flash*

In hyperspeed, the force from it presses your head very firmly against the headrest and your body starts to tingle. Your face and eyelids get heavy. You begin losing focus and start drifting. Then, CRASH! You crash the ship into your house. You’re flung from it face first into your pillow, where you are overtaken by the reminiscent tingly body sensation and mental drifting. Sleep young dawg.

Astro dawg


Wax Monday!

Astro dawg!