Check this Glueball out! Durango Rec Room!

Check this Granola Funk #2 out! Durango Rec Room!

Check this Granola Funk #2 out! Durango Rec Room!

The Granola Funk is a cross between the GSC forum cut x Wookie 15 and is named after the famous rainbow gathering bakery and kitchen, it smells just like hippies making baked goods in the woods. the wookie line (bb lavender x appalachia) is one of the loudest strains i have ever encountered, its a full on lavender grapefruit fuel fantasy, i searched for many moons to find a wookie male that would turbo charge the terpenes of anything its crossed to. Come on in and check this Granola Funk #2 out! Durango Rec Room! We’ve got you covered!



Tell your bud tender the secret word for this tasty sativa!

The secret word is… Funky Daze



Edible Special!

We’ve also got Altus, Indica, and Sativa 100mg dummies going for just $20 today!


The nugs from this strain are extremely dense. Covered in orange hairs, the frosty light green nugs were packed very tightly around the entire stem. A potent earthy smell was released into the air when we busted them open. This cannabis was difficult to break apart because of how dense it was. The nugs smoked extremely slow and contained great flavor. That smell lingered around in my apartment until after I returned from running errands.

Smoking this strain was something else. The flavor was absolutely amazing, it had an old-school earthy taste to it. It has been awhile since I smoked a bowl and thought to myself, “Man, I’m high.” Immediately after exiting my apartment, I realized how stoned I really was. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. I found myself to be extremely spacey, which did not make grocery shopping easy. Be on the lookout for this appearing on shelves in early 2018.

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