Commodore on Deck!

Commodore on Deck! Rec Room!

Commodore on Deck!

Flower Special!

Commodore on Deck! Today the Durango Rec Room has got Commodore on special for all our 420 lovers. Commodore is an amazing Sativa which is testing at 22.8% THC. It comes from Scott’s OG and Neville’s  Haze.  Scott’s OG is an indica dominant hybrid. Scott’s OG has an earthy sour aroma.


Use todays secret word “El Capitan” to get this killer strain for a killer price!


$9 Grams / $28 Eighths! Commodore on Deck!


Edible Special!

We have an awesome deal on our Koala Bars! So many different choices of flavors as well. Come on down and check out or specials on Blue Kudu, Koala, Marquaha, Cheeba chews as well. You will be happy you did!


Looking for Seeds?

The Durango Rec Room is now selling seeds! We have Indica, Sativa and Hybrid options in a variety of different strains. They will be in a pack with 6 seeds for $60 (Limit one pack of 6 seeds per customer per day).  We are very excited about it and hope you are as well. Come on in and check out the strains we got for you. Commodore on Deck! Durango Rec Room!

Commodore 101!

Unfortunately Leafly doesn’t have any information on the Commodore strain, however we found info about the parent strains to help you make an educated decision! Commodore is a cross between Scott’s OG and Neville’s Haze! Happy Holiday’s from Rec Room!

Scott’s OG!

Scott’s OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain bred by Rare Dankness Seeds, who crossed Triangle Kush with their Rare Dankness #1 to create this prominent OG variety. Designed with the veteran in mind, Scott’s OG has potently euphoric effects that a novice or occasional consumer might find jarring. A thick blanket of crystal trichomes covers its buds like a fur coat, which should serve as a warning of this strain’s intense effects. True to its OG heritage, Scott’s OG gives off an earthy, sour aroma that is sweetened by citrusy lemon flavors.


Neville’s Haze!

Neville’s Haze was named after Nevil Schoemakers, which is the founder of the Seed Bank of Holland. A tall sativa with almost pure Haze lineage, Green House Seeds added a touch of indica genetics. It’s known for being a tall plant with a pine cone scent and distinctive floral notes. Neville’s Haze won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998. This THC-dominant strain tends to deliver potent cerebral effects.


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Happy Holiday’s from Rec Room!

Reviews! Happy Holiday’s From Rec Room!

Unfortunately Leafly doesn’t have any reviews on the Commodore strain, however we found reviews on the parent strains to help you make an educated decision! Commodore is a cross between Scott’s OG and Neville’s Haze!

Happy Holiday’s from Rec Room!


Scott’s OG



Killed my chronic pain right off the bat and gave me a fantastic night’s sleep. Also known as Seraden in the medical world of cannabis, this weed can have THC levels as high as 30%. Not for the beginner, however, as these heavily crystal-coated buds pack a mean punch that starts in your head as a big rush and quickly moves across your body. Love love love this strain. Excellent for patients of chronic pain, insomnia, ADD, PTSD, stress, depression and anxiety.


Appearance was OK, but not mind blowing. That was about the only negative thing I could say about Scott’s OG. Vaped, the flavor was enjoyable and the smell brought it all together in a sensory experience letting you know that you’re in for some serious effects. Made me happy and carefree for a couple hours, worked great on my anxiety!

Neville’s Haze


Hands down my favorite weed of all time. This is what I thought smoking weed would he like before I actually started. It’s the ideal strain! I’m so creative, more intellectual, and not zoned out! Perfect….


The high was one of the most pleasent experiences I’ve ever had. I grew outdoors, picked a bud off the plant and lit it up. My day immediately brightned I got that warm feeling of being at peace with the world. It’s an experience non-pot smokers will never feel and that’s unfortunate. That part of the high only lasted about an hour but I felts its effects for hours later
Happy Holiday’s from Rec Room!