Downtown Durango Dispensary Cannalope Haze

Downtown Durango Dispensary Cannalope Haze 25.66%

Downtown Durango Dispensary Cannalope Haze 25.66%

Like the name suggests, Cannalope Haze is a sweet mix of tropical, melon, and floral flavors. Almost a pure sativa that crosses Haze Brothers Original Haze and a Mexican landrace, this strain is a great solution for fatigue and when struggling with appetite loss.


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  • “Best strain to relieve my anxiety and panic disorder. Relaxes the mind but may be too heavy for those without stress or anxiety symptoms. Best part is it doesn’t make me sleepy.”

  • “Excellent sweet taste on the inhale, UN real smooth to a volcano eruption deep inside your lungs. This medicine is for the person looking for a great relaxing ,creative, happy experience. One for the TOP shelf for sure!”

  • “Good stuff. Gives an immediate, steady high. Able to do all my household chores and I’m able to work my job as an electrician with no problem. No anxiety whatsoever”

  • “I absolutely LOVE cannalope haze. I just sit and wait for the next batch to come in at my co-op in Mesa. Even though it’s a heave sativa, I get no anxiety or paranoia. It just puts me in a good mood, makes me talk, makes everything interesting, and best of all makes me happy! I can’t say enough good things about cannalope. Hands down my #1 favorite, and I am not an inexperienced smoker. I highly recommend this strai…”

  • “This energizing strain blasts you with waves of euphoria while also keeping you focused on whatever task is at hand. Thoughts race through your head in this WONDERful, thought-provoking head high. About maybe 10-15 minutes after smoking, be prepared to eat for the next 2 hours straight. Seriously, you will eat. Everything. [Medicated Quote – “Hey, babe. Guess what?” “What?” “Part way through my whistling, I was wond…”

  • “Gave me the munchies pretty bad. So you’ll be at your fridge for sure. Very uplifting, energetic mood booster that made me laugh a lot. Gives a nice cerebral high, and made me more focused. You’ll be find doing anything physical on this. Highly recommend this as a wake and bake due to the energizing effects that is very likely to keep you up for a while. For the medical uses for this, I would use Cannalope Haze for f…”

  • “Nothing special IMO. Has a nice floral/rosey glamour tho. Cant really separate it from a thousand similar mediumstrong strains.”

  • “Maybe my favorite sativa so far. 1 hit in the day is a perfect focused/riddlin type effect. A happy, almost non-high if that makes sense or is attractive for you. I like this type of effect for day use. With 2 or 3 hits a perfect positive, euphoric sativa high. Talkative, giggly, happy and energized. No real negatives and a smooth come down. Very impressed. The batch Grasshopper in Wallingford has now is top shelf. A…”

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