Downtown Durango Rec Room

Downtown Durango Rec Room

Downtown Durango Rec Room

The Cali Connection phoned home using one of their male Alien Kush plants that was of the Alien Tech phenotype. A cross of Las Vegas Purple Kush and Alien Dog, they paired it with their strain original Sour Diesel, which is composed of Sour Diesel and Sour OG. After the pairing the breeders discovered the results and dubbed it, Sour Alien, a strain that can make users want to move by numbing the body.

Tell your Budtender the secret word to get yourself some Sour Alien OG at an incredible price!
The secret word today is…. Sour OG
$9 grams/$28 eighths
That isn’t all though, for the time being we’ve got a few different 100mg edible options for just $20!
-Nature’s High Sugar Expressions Lemon Lime and Strawberry Mango
-Koala 100mg chocolate bars with a wide variety of flavors, apple pie, tootie frootie, bourbon pecan, key lime pie, mint chocolate chip, macchiato, strawberry cheese cake!
-Altus Indica pear or Altus Sativa pineapple
  • “I found the high to be a quick onset decently long lasting high, lasting about a hour and a half to two hours on a small bowl. The cerebral effects took hold first, making everything seem interesting and brighter because I was happier. I was also feeling stress free and chilled out mentally. The next effect was focus. I was able to focus on one thing really well. Beware of multitasking while under the effects of th…”

  • “I picked up Sour Alien today at Sacred Seed in Denver. It’s a really pretty strain to look at dense buds with purple throughout. Light flowery smell with almost no smell from the Sour Diesel genetics. The taste was actually quite refreshing (Smoked from Bong). The high is very much consistent with hybrids. It starts with a quick shot to euphoria then tapers down your spine and slowly spreads throughout your extremiti…”

  • “Beam me up! This is the same Sour D favorite with a Smooooth body high. Happy, uplifting, focused, mind-opening head high but not too much. The Alien relaxes the body and mind which allows for great, anxiety-free flow whether you’re on the go or if you want to read/meditate without falling asleep. No issues with dry mouth or munchies. Great for stress relief.”

  • “Excellent slight indica middle of the road hybrid that kicks like a damn mule due to sour d. genetics. Really good strain for a really good high, but if your looking for a knock your lights out high, I personally would look for a stronger indica but it serves the purpose I got the sour alien for.”

  • “This bud is really good when you are seeking sleep, or a lazy feeling. It is currently helping with my sickness and asthma right now, my sinus is cleared and coughs from asthma are not occurring .”

  • “Firesz🔥🔥”

  • “Intense head high. Not the greatest if you are around people. Paranoia becomes a problem. But the creativity is incredible if you are by yourself or with a significant other in the woods somewhere.”

  • “taste good, perfect for anytime I personally like it right in the morning when you wake up”

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