Downtown Durango's Best Dispensary!

Downtown Durango’s Best Dispensary!

Downtown Durango’s Best Dispensary!


What is Clementine Kush?

Clementine Kush, available at Downtown Durango’s Best Dispensary, is the lovechild of Tangerine Sunrise and Sanjay Gupta Kush bred by Colorado Seed Inc. From its Tangie strain mother, Clementine Kush inherits a strong citrus aroma, and trichome-rich colas from its indica-dominant father. Think orange blossom intermixed with the floral undertones of traditional Kush parentage. Expect intense physical relaxation and an expansive cerebral mindset.

Our Clementine Kush #1 was a very tight, kush-budded plant with a pure orange nose. When we backcrossed it with the Gupta, the outcome was a surprisingly productive little kush beast.

Expect big, dense, thick buds from this strain and a swollen kush-bud structure with nice even nodes and growth habit – top heavily for more bud sites.  Many variations in smell ranging from OG to orange peel.

Visit Downtown Durango’s Best Dispensary and discover Clementine Kush and share the secret word for a sweet deal!

Today’s secret word is….”Citrus Love”

Get Clementine Kush today for…

$8 a gram/$28 an Eighth!


Also on sale for our edible lovers, Mountain and Nature high’s for just $16!! Options include: Smores, Triple fudge brownie, Fig & Oats.

We also have Koala Bars for $20! Options include: Tootie Frootie, Key Lime Pie, Machiatto, Apple Pie.

  • Hondo13

    “after smoking more of this I did not get the same effect as the first time. This is a real heady high with a slight body high. Nice and relaxed though, made my pain stop. Taste is super.”

  • “I absolutely love this strain. It is super stoney as all hell. Watch out though this is a creeper. I only took three hits off it and was super stoned. Excellent pain relief as well for me. I mixed it with some R5 cbd and I feel great. Felt the high in my face right away, made my face all tingly then the body high set in really good. This is my new favorite.”

  • “Really nice bud… good for chilling out but doesn’t lock you down or keep you from being functional… definitely a heady buzz but nice body relaxation as well… I will enjoy the rest of my 1/2 O.”

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