Downtown Durango's Premier Dispensary!

Downtown Durango’s Premier Dispensary!

Downtown Durango’s Premier Dispensary!

The Granola Funk is a cross between the GSC forum cut x Wookie 15 and is named after the famous rainbow gathering bakery and kitchen, it smells just like hippies making baked goods in the woods. the wookie line (bb lavender x appalachia) is one of the loudest strains i have ever encountered, its a full on lavender grapefruit fuel fantasy, i searched for many moons to find a wookie male that would turbo charge the terpenes of anything its crossed to.

The wookie 15 male takes girl scout cookies into a new funky direction, plumps her up, and activates the terpene warp drive. the huge range of aromatic hydrocarbons makes for a truly unique smoking experience creating a tsunami like entourage effect lighting up your endocannabinoid system like a kiss concert in tokyo. jars drain as they remove pain, minds eyes open, hearts synch to the cosmic pulse, a cannabis future classic and treasure gift from the bodhi green temple.

Tell your bud tender the secret word for this great deal!

The secret word(phrase) is…‘Breakfast Music’

$8 gram/ $27 8th

P.S. Our Mountain and Nature high’s are $16. Options include: Smores, Triple fudge brownie, Fig & Oats.

We also have Koala Bars for $20. Options include: Tootie Frootie, Key Lime Pie, Machiatto, Apple Pie.

  • “I wanted to find a strain that “ticked” all the boxes of what I wanted from a strain. I’d never tried this before yesterday and it was a wonderful experience. It hit hard at first, got my coughing out of the way and then just hours of enjoyment. Smelled like stanky-lemons but man my Gf and I just laughed and laughed. Like rolling around on the floor laughing at each other and how high we were. Then we showered a…”

  • “I’m a sativa or sativa dominant hybrid type of devil. I like em, they treat me right, I love the creative strains.. Lemon Haze, Super Silver Haze, Chernobyl.. That’s why it came as a mind blowing surprise what this Dr. Funk laid out for me: soothing lean back head and body profile. For my taste, the cruise ship of strains. Great nighttime. Relax heavy on this one, feel cats dissipate, almost 5 minutes into it……”

  • “Strong as hell, knocked me right out. Great for insomnia. Didn’t need to smoke much either, pretty much one hit quit. Tastes and smells great, a bit sweet.”

  • “yup it made all my curley pubs stand straight up!!”

  • “Tried this strain, got so high I couldn’t find my room key when it was in my first Hoodie, but I only checked my jacket and shorts, spent 15 minutes snacking on some Cheeizits while simultaneously looking for my keys everywhere expect my Hoodie pocket. stoner moments…”

  • “I’ve been searching for a flower to smoke that would help me feel alive again. took my pain and I love everyday with an 8 baseline from spine and nerve damage. even helped my burning shoulders and migraine.. it creeped up and made my day happy and pain free for hours.. thanks joint bros my new number 1”

  • “For whatever reason, when I picked up a pre-roll of Dr Funk at Green Planet, I thought of Morgan Freeman as Easy Reader on Sesame Street. A more appropriate visual came to mind once the high took hold… which was immediately: Dr Teeth… he of Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem from The Muppet Show. I felt groovy… which isn’t a word I would normally use, but the high, along with it’s Dr Funk mascot inside of my hea…”

  • “This Strain should be called Dr Viagra or Dr. F*ck. About half way through a bowl I got a euphoric come up that gave me goose pumps, I’m sure there is a terpene or cannabinoid in this strain that dilates blood vessels as I soon became aroused. Music was enhanced, I quickly changed the song lineup to slow jamz and proceeded to engage in a mating ritual not unlike those male birds you see trying to entrance their wom…”


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