Downtown's Best Dispensary!

Downtown’s Best Dispensary!

Downtown’s Best Dispensary!


Downtown’s Best Dispensary has Mandarin Dreams! Mandarin Dreams grows vigorously and stocky with creamy, citrus and fuel terpenes. She’s got rock solid nugs coated in trichomes. VERY high calyx to leaf ratio and a quick finish without sacrificing yield makes her a dream for any grower! This excellent strain is a high testing indica at 27.73% THC therefor it has a nice relaxing head high best used for relaxation and sleep. Mandarin Dreams is a cross of Mandarin Sunset and Wifi#2 x Biker Kush


Come on in and visit Downtown’s Best Dispensary!


Tell your bud tender the secret word to get the best buds available downtown.

Todays Secret Word Is……… “Think Orange”

$8 Grams and $26 Eights 

• Cup Winning Parents
• Tested at: .5% CBD / 25% + THC
• Morphology Variation: High (72/100)
• Days of Flower: 50-60
• Yield: 60-80 grams/sq ft
• Flower Variation: Medium (45/100)


HEAVY hitter where it counts! This is a A+ grade strain! I’d HIGHLY recommend cannabis enthusiasts to try it!

“One of my favorite strains! Smells amazing, smokes awesome and tastes like it smells! Good head buzz but still functional!”

“This was the most insane tasting bud I’ve ever had, it literally tasted like someone rolled a joint with orange peels, it was so tangeriney. It was a really smooth, refreshing smoke but it left behind a pretty drastic dry mouth. Definitely worth it though, as the high was bright and clear and left you feeling energised.”

“Tastes delicious!! Definitely helps with depression and anxiety!”

“One of the best stains I’ve tried. It gave me a chill head high, while taking away my back pain at the same time. My body felt great for a few hours. Would recommend this to first timers.”



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