Durango Rec Room has mad Flo.. OG

Oh, fo sho’, the Rec Room’s got Flo OG for your low.


Flower Special!

Today, the Durango Rec Room has the Flo OG, a hybrid/sativa strain, which is bound to get your day going in the right direction. With an initial hug, Flo OG is going to get your limbs feeling fuzzy and nice before delivering euphoria and “that good good” to your brain.



Come in an provide the secret phrase which is: “Go With The Flo”

$8 gram/ $27 eighth



Durango Rec Room!

Edible Special!

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Flo OG 101!

Flo OG is a sweet indica-dominant strain with creative effects. Known as a functional indica, Flo OG combines the quality genetics of Flo (by DJ Short) and Rare Dankness #1 (from Rare Dankness Seeds) to create a strain that stimulates the mind while going easy on the body. This strain’s hazy euphoria takes effect immediately as the body buzzes with a gentle relaxing warmth. Enjoy Flo OG to improve mood, curb depression, and promote rest (in higher doses).






Check out more information about Flo OG here!

And its hybrid parent, Flo, here!

Durango Rec Room!


  • HIM916


    2 years ago

    “FLO OG ~ Look for dark green nugs with purple highlights. NUGS LOOK LIKE 🍐 (PEARS!) Sweet and Floral tones with a little Hash expression on the exhale. Indica-dom at 70/30…So, good bye pain! Insomniacs, embellish! This gave me a little boost then shut shit down for the evening. Happy 420, Y’all! “

  • Stargasm420


    2 years ago

    “By far one of my favorite strains. The couch lock is absolutely ridiculous and the body buzz is absolutely incredible. “

  • EB963


    a year ago

    “This is the best migraine relief! I’ve been experimenting with different strains for migraines and most work good but this one erases the pain and nausea. The taste is very earthy.”

    Durango Rec Room!

  • Vera007


    a year ago

    “Get’s me super horny right away lol. Very deep soothing buzz, and Flo lets me sleep all the way through the night.”

  • Scribzilla


    4 months ago

    “It’s good and everything but I’m getting a bit annoyed in that every time I take a hit Flo from Progressive shows up with the name your price tool and then proceeds to give me a spiel about my home and auto insurance. “

  • TyphoidMary


    a year ago

    “I will say Flo OG gets a 5/5 regarding easing my tense muscles and cramps. It helped me sleep. Unfortunately, it totally gave me the weed chills. That usually makes me feel somewhat anxious until I sleep it off. It isn’t my favorite weed, but my girlfriend loves it. “

  • Dopebuddy


    a year ago

    “Part two(I was cut off by a badly timed FaceTime call of my wife from the water closet). I wake up essentially rested AF and also I developed a light migraine( I get them rarely a few times a year. ) the night before but as I was sleepy and somehow it allowed my to sleep throughout the night. The migraine persisted through my cold brew in bed and was leading to queasy waves radiating back and forth between my bowl…”

  • “better as butter than flower”

    • Krisgooch78


      2 years ago

Durango Rec Room!