Durango Rec Room Sunday Vibes

Durango Rec Room Sunday Vibes


Flower Special!

On this beautiful Sunday, we’re having a special on a bud tender favorite, the Rocky Mountain Fire. Users describe the Rocky Mountain Fire high as one that starts as an intensely uplifting, energized, and creative head high that is followed by a warming body buzz. This mellow body buzz will leave you utterly couch-locked and spacey with a moderate case of the munchies. Rocky Mountain Fire has a distinct aroma of smooth crisp lemony earth and a taste of earthy lemon tarts with a pine aftertaste upon exhale. Perfect for a mellow Sunday afternoon haze, Rocky Mountain Fire is sure to close off your week the right way.



Come in an provide the secret phrase of the day which is: “No extinguisher required” for an awesome deal on this bud for…

$8 gram / $28 eighth


Edible Special!

Not into metaphorical forest fires? We got you covered! All day, our Koala Bars will be going for only $20 out the door!


Rocky Mountain Fire Reviews!



Love love love. Let me tell you. RMF and Rockytop OG will treat you right and have you in love.



Earthy/citrus smells amazing some covered with fiery red hairs. Looks good, smells good, smokes good , and a good high.



Rocky Mountain was a very smooth strain all around. The buds were thick and sticky with a dark green tint. Maybe it’s just me but this strain smelled like coffee…which I can get behind. Smoking Rocky Mountain Fire was very pleasant due to how smooth it is. The effects are very uplifting yet mellow, it allows for great concentration and social interaction. Recommended for studying! Enjoy!!!



good shit






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