Durango's Premier Dispensary!

Durango’s Premier Dispensary!

Durango’s Premier Dispensary!

Durango’s Premier Dispensary! We have Collin’s Mandarin Temple! Sometimes called Mandarin Haze, when you need new, fresh energies, Mandarin Haze is the strain for you. We have selected the best Haze to give you a powerful, uplifting experience, along with a mild mandarin aroma on top of the haze undertones. This strain is surprisingly refreshing for the mind, it grows well on hydro, but reveals all the complexity of its fruity haze aroma only when properly grown in soil and carefully cured after harvest. The flowering time is very decent for a such a sativa strain. Overall, one of our favourites.

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$7 Grams/ $27 Eighths 

And as always we have an edible special!

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  • “I’m from the Netherlands and I recently purchased a small bag of AMH and it was one of the best I had ever tried. I felt like I could take on the whole world never felt that uplifted and euphoric berfore. Love it!”

  • “Picked this up at The Giving Tree in North Phoenix. This is a heavy hitter with a great euphoric feeling and excellent stress reliever. Great for late night bedroom aerobics and then helps you crash hard and sleep great. Also works great with a little White Widow before hand. Fairly certain I was levitating!”

  • “i’m gonna save time and just say this is like the heaven but whit a lemon touch

    “Very good strain. The cerebral high of this lasts for a good 3/4 hours and made me feel really energetic and creative. I got a really nice flowery taste from this and it left a citrus sort of smell in my house which wasn’t too pungent. Great strain over all, would definitely recommend to any user suffering from any mental health disorder such as myself

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