Ever had a fruity tasting night terror that gets you high?

Night Terror OG at the Durango Rec Room

Night Terror OG is what you get when you combine Blue Dream with Rare Darkness #1 genetics. This cleverly named hybrid sways heavily toward the indica side of the spectrum, inducing relaxing effects that sink deeper in the body over time. You may find your eyelids feeling heavy before long, but don’t let a name like Night Terror OG fool you: a good night’s sleep is on its way. This 70% indica isn’t necessarily a day-ender, as the OG Kush in Rare Darkness’ genes provides a heady, invigorating buzz that deteriorates stress at the end of a long day. These effects are ushered in by flavors of blueberry and fruit with subtle notes of lemon, pine, and diesel. Night Terror!

Flower Special!

Come in an provide the secret phrase which is: “Nightmare”

$9 gram/ $28 eighth

Edible Special!

We have an awesome deal on our Koala Bars for $20 out the door! Several different flavor options.  

https://www.leafly.com/strains/night-terror-og https://www.facebook.com/dgorecroom/ https://durangorecroom.com/cannabis/ https://durangorecroom.com/todays-specials-durango-dispensary-downtown/    



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Member since 2019 It’s been weeks… and I’m still thinking about it

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Member since 2019 Where to begin… first I need to stop “politican” and pass off. Now back to the review the Night terror OG. Don’t worry Freddy Krueger is not going to come fuck you up while your on the exhale. So this stuff has great flavor. Beware it only takes a small amount and a short wait and the night terror…

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Member since 2019 Love this strain.

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Member since 2019 Indica <3

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Member since 2017 Great for relaxing without knocking you out right away.

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Member since 2012 Definitely my favorite strain. Been using it for pain and inflammation, and I always tend to forget about taking my Gabapentin because this strain effing works. Smells and tastes so amazing too! Jeezus.. this is the $h!t. The effect lasts for hours and you can still taste some of the aroma of the fr…

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Member since 2019 Excellent strain. Not overwhelming in strength, but certainly gets you there. Didn’t make me sleepy or anything. Outside of being super relaxed I had terrible dry mouth. One of my new favorite strains and is suitable for smoking at any time of day.

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Member since 2019 Actually give 3.7. A strain that a novice smoker could handle. Be careful B.C. it builds. Seasoned smokers, it won’t knock u out.

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Member since 2019 Best there is if you want to relax.

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Member since 2015 Euphoric Calm Pain relief (brought pain from a 7 to a 2) Slight dry eye

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Member since 2019 I suffer from a lot of muscle spasms and pain. I also have an anxiety and depressive disorder, and insomnia. I’ve really only had maybe one or two strains that truly relax my muscles. This is one of them. It also crushes my anxiety without crushing my energy, right away at least. I could get up and …

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Member since 2019 wow. so, my fiance and I have hard times sleeping. him more than I. last night I went and bought some night terror WOW! it knocked me flat on my ass.i slept hard through the night for 9 and a half hours. uninterrupted. woke up once! I’m usually up every hour looking at the clock! my head had been p…

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Member since 2019 Had the live shatter of this at the end of a stressful ass day- 3 dabs had me on my ass and ready for bed, after a couple episodes of Castlevania. Shoutout to the folks at House of Dankness on 45th Street in Denver; this is definitely the best concentrate I’ve ever had.

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Member since 2019 In Massachusetts

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Member since 2018 Wow! I will buy this when I see it because other than King Louis it is the best for a good nights sleep. Potency, looks, burn are all amazing.

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Member since 2018 In my arsenal of Top 5 strains! This amazing indica has a berry, pungent, pine flavor to it.. wonderful strain for nighttime use! Great looking flower and long lasting taste that will you won’t forget! If you haven’t tried this yet you’re missing out! Glendale Greenhouse in Arizona has the best grow…

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Member since 2018 For someone who has anxiety this strain is a great night time option. Within the first fifteen minutes it took my migraine away. Followed by not a care in the world. I felt a little intoxicated for 30 minutes, after that it was smooth sailing and eventually off to bed. A little goes a long way.

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Member since 2018 Perfect for an indica lover and must be one of the best out there. Talk about being stoned and sitting on the couch. Don’t count on being productive as all you’ll want to do is watch tv.

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Member since 2018 Made me feel very heavy and relaxed. A little too relaxed. Helped me focus, too. I kicked ass playing The Witcher after smoking this. I’m in love with this strain.

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Member since 2018 This is my Wife’s favorite for sleepy time. She hasn’t found a better strain that helps her sleep. Great flavor and not harsh at all.

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Member since 2016 Phenomenal for sleep. Mild but clear Bubba Kush like flavor, along with spice, grape and hints of blueberry.

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Member since 2018 I had some of this off the recommendation of the budtender at Destination HWY 420 in Clio MI. I’ve slept better the last 2 night’s than I have in year’s. I have frequent Migraines and narcolepsy. Everyone says narcolepsy you get enough sleep… NO, not quality sleep. I got Quality sleep. I love thi…

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Member since 2018 I went through the loss of a child recently and I never thought I’d find anything to help me cope with it, but this strain seriously does the trick. It stops my panic attacks in minutes. I love this strain so much

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Member since 2018 Just for sleep, not as great as expected in other terms.

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Night Terror At the Durango Rec Room