Fat Nelson Durango Rec Room

Fat Nelson Durango Rec Room

Fat Nelson Durango Rec Room

Fat Nelson combines a bouquet of hybridized genetics to create a formidable flower with pleasant and uplifting effects. Colorado Seed Inc. crossed Sour Willie(Willie’s Sour Diesel x Vietnamese Black x Highland Nepalese) and the proprietary Gupta Kush to form a strain that doesn’t sacrifice diversity for stability. This bud offers a bright mind and light effects that add a happy glow to outdoor activities and a creative edge to everyday tasks.

Tell your bud tender the secret word for this killer Sativa hybrid!

The secret word today is…. Uplifter

$7 gram/$26 eighth

Fat Nelson Durango Rec Room

Edible Special!

CannAmerica 100mg gummies are going for $20 out the door!






Fat Nelson Durango Rec Room

  • “This strain is very uplifting and makes you in the mind state of wanting to get things done. Smoke a fatty of Nelson anytime during the day and you will feel that anything is possible!”

  • “I had never heard of this strain before, so I went into it with no preconceived notions. It is extremely happy but not to the point of being stupefying. The high is never overwhelming yet strong and persistent. This is the kind of weed I love; upbeat and positive. It makes any activity a pleasure, especially if it takes place out doors. You’ll love it.”

  • “Smells and tastes amazing, way more floral than we expected. Very dense and sticky. It. Got. Me. STONED. Not too sleepy but munchies all bad. Good weed for a video game binge or X Files marathon…”

  • “This strain is amazing!! Wife and I drove to CO and our bud tender recommended this strain to us. Great decision! It smells delightfully sweet like berries and produces some very euphoric, happy, and relaxing effects.”

  • “very strong sativa, but still a mellow bud… keeps you focused on what you’re doing and the high last for a good while. I didn’t have anything negative about this strain… Toke up”

  • “I’d say this is my third favorite strain. You’ll never be happier. Great head high. Go out in nature, take a hike, meditate in the woods. It’s awesome. Listen to the birds on this. I don’t really get the munchies on this one, so it’s pretty productive and easy to enjoy. I’m the most functional on this and Sour Diesel, maybe more this. You can go to work super baked on Fat Nelson. I honestly might go through my wedd…”

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