Fruit Rocks! Durango Rec Room!

Fruit Rocks! Durango Rec Room!

Flower Special!

Fruit Rocks! Durango Rec Room! This sweet hybrid, Fruity Pebbles takes genetics from Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien to create a tropical, berry flavor reminiscent of the cereal. Try this incredible, one-of-a-kind Indica Hybrid testing at 24.53% THC


Use todays secret word “Bam!” to get this killer strain for a killer price!


$9 a Gram/$28 an Eighth! Fruit Rocks! Durango Rec Room!


That’s right! Our CAPS LOCK button works! Not only that, but it’s Wax Monday! Today all our concentrates (Excluding Greenleaf Budders) are 15% off today! That means today you can get 15% off any of our Indie, Shift, Clear Creek, Texco, First Matter, or Rivers End products! Fruit Rocks! Durango Rec Room!

Edible Special!

We have an awesome deal on our Koala Bars! So many different choices of flavors as well. Come on down and check out or specials on Blue Kudu, Koala, Marquaha, Cheeba chews as well. You will be happy you did!


Looking for Seeds?

The Durango Rec Room is now selling seeds! We have Indica, Sativa and Hybrid options in a variety of different strains. They will be in a pack with 6 seeds for $60 (Limit one pack of 6 seeds per customer per day).  We are very excited about it and hope you are as well. Come on in and check out the strains we got for you.





“Knocked me on my fuckin’ ass. Tasted heavenly. I spaced harder than I ever have before, and I even started to hallucinate. Made me forget all my troubles and put me in a great mood. To say the least I was really fucking high. 10/10 ” Fruity Pebbles/Wax Monday! Durango Rec Room!


“Hands down, my favorite stain. The only high I bother remembering by name. Makes me feel super happy, friendly, loving, relaxed, ready to have fun or get some work done. Also, the potency’s what I look for for regular use. You definitely get super high, but not to the point of losing function. I work from home, and most stuff makes me unproductive. This stuff makes me appreciate everything more, including my wor…”



“(It) will smell up the whole room and I had it in a bag in a jar in a briefcase. It smells like super pungent almost a little skunky and very fruity. When breaking up, you will smell the fruity pebbles cereal scent extremely sweet. When smoked it is like taking a big bite of fruity pebbles cereal that leaves you a kush-like high that is extra creative. 5/5 amazing”

Fruit Rocks! Durango Rec Room!