Game Day Strain! Durango Rec Room! Click for Info!

Game Day Strain! Durango Rec Room! Click for Info!

Game Day Strain! Durango Rec Room!!

This pure sativa is the perfect Game Day Strain! It originates from the South African port city of Durban. It has gained popularity worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects. Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day, when exploring the outdoors, or to lend a spark of creativity. Growers and concentrate enthusiasts will both enjoy the over-sized resin glands which make this strain a quality choice for concentrate extraction. The buds are round and chunky, and leave a thick coating of trichomes on almost all areas of the plant.

Durban is a fabulous daytime strain, with a clear, functional effects package that stimulates creativity, sociability, and overall mood.  It’s very energetic and is seen as one of the more pure-feeling Sativa varieties widely available on the market.  The primary medicinal benefits are energy, appetite stimulation, migraine relief, and anti-nausea properties. Durango Rec Room has got you covered with the perfect game day strain!

Downtown Durango’s Premier Dispensary!

Visit your local downtown dispensary and share the secret word with your budtender,


Poison Remedy”


 for $8Gram/$26 Eighths!


Today’s specials also includes Mountain High edibles and new Koala bar edibles 100mg for $20!! New flavors including Key Lime Pie, Machiatto, and Bourbon Pecan!

“Durban Poison is like the “espresso” of cannabis. The raciest sativa I know of, it’s a stimulating and clearheaded high with no trace of numbing or “stoning.” It wakes you up, cuts through the bleary fog and leaves you clearheaded and bright, gives you energy to go and seize the day. Gives tons of energy and also an intense emotional euphoria… where everything is vibrating and you can’t take the smile off your face…”

“Great mental awareness, though I was baked; I was still able to go and get my taxes done.”

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