Grape Krypt! Durango Rec Room!

Grape Krypt! Durango Rec Room!

Grape Krypt! Durango Rec Room!

Grape Krypt! Durango Rec Room! cannabis strain is a 70/30 Indica dominant hybrid by DNA Genetics. The smell is intoxicating grapes, hash, Kush and other fruits. Buds are dense, iced out, and have light notes of lavender running throughout. Grape Krypt cannabis strain’s high fights all achey limbs and replaces them with numbing bliss. This intoxicating experience lasts just under an hour or so, wrapping you in its velvety sedation. Grape Krypt cannabis strain is a cross between Grapefruit FX and Captain Krypt OG cannabis strains. Grape Krypt is coming in at 27.03%THC.

Tell your budtender the secret word for this amazing indica strain!

The secret word is…  Kryptonite


Edible Special!

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  • “Great indica dominate strain. Strong and very effect for stress and sleep. Be careful to make sure you have a drink when you toke on some crypt cause the dry mouth is pretty intense but it’s worth it for the high it gives.”

  • “Was very close to giving this one a 5th star! Aesthetics: The Crypt I picked up has very nice bud structure… not too dense but also not too loose and fluffy–right in between. It almost looks like it has a slight white fuzz covering it at first glance. Closer examination shows that it’s just the tightly packed trichomes. Smell: This bud has an amazing nose. Aside from the name, the smell is what attracted me to …”

  • “i was paralyzed for somewhat like 2 hours, got an “out-of-body”(?) experience 10/10 would die again.”

  • “This is the first strain I have tried so far that has actually eased pain. I’ve tried many strains and read many reviews where people find relief with a particular strain but never have experienced it first hand until last night. Relieves pain and stress.”

  • “this strain is really relaxing me an my girlfriend love it the cheese smell on the bud is Tremendously Amazing”

  • “the oil is spectacular. top 5 favorites right now. special stuff.”

  • “i was paralyzed for like 1 hour, and i got an out of body experience. 10/10 would like to die again.”

  • “This strain is a solid 4 stars. Really relaxing loose. Thoughts are very free. Indica affects dominate the sativa affects 15-20 minutes into high.”

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