Durango Rec Room! Blueberry Skunk!

Grateful Puff, Durango Rec Room!

Grateful Puff, Durango Rec Room!

Grateful Puff cannabis strain is an hybrid, it tastes liker sweet berries, spicy pine, and muddled cherries. The scent is pine trees and fresh earth, with a spicy, herbed berry undertone. Buds are round with skinny amber hairs and thick matching trichomes. It can treat headaches, depression, stress, and eye pressure. Grateful Puff cannabis strain is best for evening usage. Grateful Puff cannabis strain’s high starts with a mental lift that creates a head tingle, soon buzzing its way into your body creating a stony relaxation that expands breathing as the mind flies. Grateful Puff, Durango Rec Room! Her effects can be highly visual and often lead to bursts of creative thoughts that leave you daydreaming for some time. A warm and sedative body buzz tends to settle in later, carefully calming nerves and relaxing muscles. Before long, you will find yourself happily sleepy, pain-free and perhaps ready for an afternoon nap.

Tell your Budtender the Secret word for this killer hybrid coming in at 26.61%

The Secret word is…. Puff Puff


Edible Special!

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  • “Super duper, loud aroma! Fragrant is an understatement whether in or out of the container. Tasteful inhale (berrylicious) pungent exhale (deisel burst). 3 bong rips later… permasmile! 5 star Provided energy Relieved aching shoulder Get some, pack it in your rig, puff puff puff, with *Deep Breath* and you too will have a new friend”

  • “Excellent, far exceeded my expectations. Delicious aswell. And very dank dense buds. With gorgeous orange hairs and dark greens shades of lavander and rich greens. A new favorite strain. Very well balanced sativa/indica effects. This bud has a very pungent smell and strong flavor profile.”

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