Hazy Dreams

Hazy Dreams! Durango Rec Room!

Hazy Dreams! Durango Rec Room!

Flower Special!

Hazy Dreams! Durango Rec Room! Today we have our Blue Dream Haze, this amazing Sativa leaning hybrid tests at 22.57% this is one great sativa for any day! This sativa-dominant hybrid is a grower’s (blue) dream come true. This cannabis plant has also got plenty to offer consumers, too, with its massively fluffy, fuzzy colas coated in dense blankets of resin sacs.


Use today secret word “Dreamin’ in Blue” to get this killer strain for a killer price!


$9 Grams / $28 Eighths! Hazy Dreams! Durango Rec Room!


Edible Special!

Not feeling like Long’s Peak is for you? Too much vertical, not enough chillin’? That’s alright! We have a deal on our Koala Chocolate-based Bars! They’re going out the door for only $20 today! Check them out! They go great with ice cream! 😉

Looking for Seeds?

Durango Rec Room is now selling seeds! We have an Indica, Sativa and Hybrid option. They will be in a pack with 6 seeds for $60 (Limit one per customer per day).  We are very excited about it and hope you are as well. Come on in and check out the strains we got for you.


Blue Dream Haze 101!

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a grower’s (blue) dream come true. This cannabis plant has also got plenty to offer consumers, too, with its massively fluffy, fuzzy colas coated in dense blankets of resin sacs. Pinching a bud should release a scent similar to honeyed berries and lychees. Just one toke should stir up feelings of dreamy bliss, providing long-lasting energy and an uncanny focus for those who like to imbibe during the earlier portions of the day. It’s good for tackling minor pains as well, such as those caused by arthritis, small injuries, or tight joints. Heavy use of this cultivar can cause short-term memory issues. As with most sativa-dominant strains, it can also trigger anxiety in some consumers, so partake carefully.

For growers, Blue Dream Haze is the perfect sativa-type plant to start with for beginners. Sativas are notoriously picky eaters and usually require lots of supports to keep their thin, lanky stalks from bending over and snapping. But Blue Dream Haze grows more like an indica, with shorter, bulkier stalks and lush, bushy buds that are easy to screen-of-green or sea-of-green, with minimal supports and a not-so-picky diet of nutrients. Flowering usually takes about two months.



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Leafly unfortunately had no info on Blue Dream Haze, so we looked up its Parent Strains and decided to give you the reviews of those! Blue Dream Haze is a Sativa leaning strain crossing Super Silver Haze with Bubbleberry.

Super Silver Haze Reviews!



Another badass sativa for indica lovers! I actually feel this strain even with my super high tolerance which is always a nice surprise. Something about it brings me back to my high school days when life was much simpler. Ya, it’s a badass strain.


This stuff is impressive. I see why it won so many cups. It looked ok, like something you’d expect to see that potent, but nothing special. This strain smelled like something affective, but again, nothing special. It tasted rather bland, like something slight burnt without much flavor. The high though, my god. One hitter quiter. It had me turned up in no time, but it seems to be potent enough to confuse my focus for a bit too. It’s a long lasting high as well. While I wasn’t pleased with the aesthetics, this bud gets my highest rating as a sativa.

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vaped some of this right before I decided to give myself an at-home spa night. I was feeling very relaxed after my bath and putting lotion on my face and rubbing it in felt incredible. Had my eyes closed and I was imagining that I was about 18 years old. I felt so young and beautiful. Then I opened my eyes and I looked like a female Jim Breuer. it was scary and kind of ruined the high. I kept trying to make my eyes more open so I would look better but I couldn’t. I just went to bed


I feel like I’m wearing a hat. But I’m definitely not wearing a hat.