“Home is where heart is. Heart where cookie is.”

C is for Cookie

Flower Specials!

Cookie OX cannabis strain by Rare Dankness is an Indica dominant hybrid. This very resinous strain smells and tastes like cookies with notes of Bubba Kush. The aroma is also earthy with sweet and floral touches. Leaves and flowers take on gorgeous swirls of purple. It can treat anxiety, memory loss and concentration. Best for evening usage.


The secret word for todays special is “Om nom nom”

$9/grams and $28/eighths!

Edible Special!

Not into smoking your weed? Eat it! Our Robhots are not only delicious, but they’ll get you high! And they’re only $20 today! 




Absolutely love this strain. The purple color really pops and it tastes spicy and earthy. The best part are the effects…everything seems brighter and more beautiful. My entire body seems to melt but my head stays sharp. Do yourself a favor; smoke this strain, take a walk outside and enjoy life.




Very good strain. Wife experiences a lot of anxiety, stress, torn muscles in her shoulder, along with a lot of neck and shoulder pain. She kept saying she felt good, but wasn’t overwhelmed by the indica dominance. Very smooth flower, very helpful with joint discomfort along with any muscle or nerve issue. Also have been told this is one of the easiest strains to grow, will stock this in our home for years! Very effective flower to smoke or vape prior to bed or at the end of your evening. Will set you up perfect for a nice night of good sleep with no discomfort



Also know as the CBD OX. Was a nice indica cbd strain. Very similar effects from the Nordle strain. Even though Nordle is on the rise right now I’d still recommend getting your hands on this. Very relaxed worry free high. 👍🏼



This is an amazing cross. The pheno I had definitely expressed the DJ Short genetics. Fruity coffee flavors relaxed my muscles and mind . I would recommend this to anyone trying to relieve pain or pressure. Perfect example of what a good indica should be.



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