Hubba Bubba Bubbleberry all up in Your Head

Get Bubbly! Bubbleberry at the Rec Room!

Get Bubbly! Bubbleberry at the Rec Room!


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Flower Special!

Get Bubbly! Bubbleberry at the Rec Room! Bubbleberry testing at an amazing 23.16%, this Phenotype swapping strain came to us as a wonderful Indica Hybrid and is perfect for any time of day! Get Bubbly! Bubbleberry at the Rec Room!


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$9 Grams / $28 Eighths! Get Bubbly! Bubbleberry at the Rec Room!


Edible Special!

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Bubbleberry 101!

Bubbleberry is a treat for all cannabis consumers. Combining the sweet, floral taste and aroma of Bubble Gum with the all-star fruity skunkiness of Blueberry, this strain has depth while remaining immensely palatable. Enjoy this strain anytime, day or night, but understand that this strain’s pungent aroma will turn heads from far away. Get Bubbly! Bubbleberry at the Rec Room!



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I seriously love this strain! It’s the best hybrid I’ve tried and my new favorite. After a couple of puffs I was happy, relaxed and clear headed. It’s really fantastic for stress reduction. Perfect for activities or to chill anytime of day. The THC isn’t high with this one but lands perfectly in my comfort zone leaving me feeling amazing in only a couple of puffs. Stock up on this one, it’s awesome ❤️



My favorite. Beautiful buds smell of berry, earth and lemon. Very relaxing, great for day or night! Splashes of purple and super frosted with keif!



Not too strong, high lasts a really long time. Im prone to anxiety, this is something i would take during a panic attack. It doesn’t make me hungry or tired which is a plus, I never felt really giggly as I was hoping I would by the reviews…But Its very calming, yet you can still function and interact. As it started to wear off I got slight paranoia though. My BF said he got a bad headache, so if you’re prone to that take that into consideration. I’ll defiantly try it again, I take a few more hits than usual, but the calmness of this strain is probably the best compared to others.