Hump Day Rug Burn

Hump Day Rug Burn

Hump Day Rug Burn

Durango Rec Room has your Hump Day figured out with the indica leaning  hybrid, Rug Burn. This hard hitting strain is known to leave you with a euphoric feeling to carry you through the rest of the week.




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Rug Burn OG 101:

Rug Burn OG took 3rd place for hybrids at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup. By crossing Ghost OG with Rare Dankness #1, Rare Dankness Seeds has created a pungent flavor mix of sour citrusand hints of diesel that sting the senses. Though listed as an indica-leaning hybrid, Rug Burn provides an uplifting effect that helped it make its way onto High Times’ list of “Earth’s Strongest Strains 2014.”

Hump Day Rug Burn

  • ZLovesFlowers


    3 years ago

    “One of the best flowers I’ve ever smoked! I was spin me around happy, dancing, flirting with my spouse. Amazing aphrodisiac affects for us both! I felt like the most sensual I’ve ever felt. a good body buzz in the right spots, but mentally alert and active. “

  • fuckweasel120313


    3 years ago

    “Great strain for depression, anger issues, emotional issues. Very giggly high, very spicy pungent smell and spicy diesel-ish taste. Three hits has me good off of it. real sticky green and white bud. Definitely indica-dominant, but very uplifting and happy and relaxed.”

  • britnipaige


    2 years ago

    “Absolutely great. Perfect for people with really bad anxiety, especially social anxiety when high. Great for depression also. I’m super picky only going with cbd strains because of my anxiety but this time I branched out and am glad I did. “

  • CaseyJ0nes


    3 years ago

    “This is actually my all time favorite strain right now. I’ve had both the bud and wax and I’m kind of in love. It has a wonderful hay smell and sweet weed taste and never fails to deliver an awesome body and head high. I highly recommend this strain to everyone who enjoys smoking as much as I do. “

  • MyJokerHandStayLIT


    2 years ago

    “Instantly high. U feel right away your mind relax and go into a video game like world. Your body is slowly relaxing right behind. You feel your eyes getting heavy but not to heavy. Hmmm this is a fantastic strain for anxiety, and stress for sure! Also helps with pain a little. “

  • monstapuss


    3 years ago

    “I wrote a review as a first time user about 2 weeks ago. After vaping (thanks again, UGD!!!) MANY 😉 times, I can say this is an amazing strain! It’s helped w/ post-surgical pain, neuropathy, panic attacks, sex, et cetera. A little goes a long way. As a very heavy indica patient, I’m impressed. And it’s a very happy high!! This is in the “gems box.” “

  • Indica3


    2 years ago

    “Quality genetics and a strain of OG I’ve always wanted to cultivate. It has a slight uppiness to it like a sativa but quickly settles into an Indica body numbing buzz. Aleviating pain and joint discomfort, goid for sour moods and appitite stimulation. Glad I finnaly got to see how this one works out for me, and it dise great at that, you won’t be disappointed it’s also very gard nit to dut and just smoke bowl after …”

    Hump Day Rug Burn

  • herbal_criminal


    6 years ago

    “This is definitely the perfect Indica, it has a very potent, cheese/sour smell. The taste is there, and its a smooth hit. The feeling is fantastic, its a bit of a sneaker, but as a daily smoker, I was able to smoke one bowl and feel pretty good right after. About 20 minutes later is when I started feeling myself melt into my chair. Very lazy high, little bit of munchies, but I cant get up to find anything lol. Overal…”