Irene OG at the Durango Rec Room!

Durango Rec Room has Irene OG!

Flower Special!

Irene OG is a sour-scented hybrid strain that is said to have originated in the United States’ Deep South. Its genetics are a mystery to most, but rumor has it that Irene OG descended from California’s OG Kush. Hints of its heritage are found in its earthy pinearoma, but this hybrid has a distinctive diesel smell that deviates from the typical OG flavor. The onset begins with a high-energy cerebral buzz and accelerated thoughts. Over time, Irene OG sinks into the rest of the body, balancing physical and mental relief.



Come in and provide the secret phrase of the day which is… “Weekend Vibes” to get an awesome deal on Irene OG for..

$8 gram / $28 eighth


Edible Special!

Not into Irene OG? It’s ok, she has a boyfriend. We do, however, have edibles also on special! Our Cousin Eddie’s Brownies/PB Cookies are going for only $20!!!



Durango Rec Room!

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It’s pretty damn good. “Devin the dude voice” by far the best stuff Ive ever had !!
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Dank strain created in GA very musty odor an has u stoned for hrs.Helps with sleep an pain
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Wow,maybe one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked ,I’ve been threw a lot of greats and when I stumbled upon this Gem I couldn’t turn it down ,the smell ,the looks ,the tastes are absolutely amazing and most of all it is a killa high really seems to be up their in THC I recommend for any one but may…
Durango Rec Room!
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haven’t seen any in years…. but just to clear up the ‘mystery’ behind the lineage, it originated in the good ole dirty south (Atlanta) from some OG bag seed.
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Ok. I knew and Irene and she was chill like this bud. She served icy cups to our neighborhood and we have never been the same. This bud definitely has a Deep South aura that relaxes your soul like a girl born in the south 😘
Durango Rec Room!