It’s Not Easy But it Can Be

It’s not Easy But it Can Be

Flower Special Mac and Cheese

It’s Not Easy But it Can Be! With it’s sharply sour aroma that takes up the whole room, Mac and Cheese is bred by Capulator using MAC and Alien Cheese. This indica hybrid strain is well-known for its ability to create a blissful state of ease and leave you ready for the next week’s endeavors. Testing at 32.59% THC


Today, the Durango Rec Room is putting this strain out onto the floor with a bang; offering you guys the best deals in town (as long as you know where to look) 😉


Get a delicious deal on this bud for… Top Shelf Tuesday

$10 gram / $35 eighth! 


Edible Special

Mac and Cheese not enough of an edible for you? It’s ok, we know it’s weed. We’ll also got Gummies or Chocolates and some Keef Cola drinks.  We have a wide variety of edibles come on in and check them out.


Mac and Cheese Reviews! It’s not easy but it can be


on February 19th, 2020

Very strong stinky hybrid that literally smelled up my entire house when I cracked open the jar. After one hit I could already feel the effects. Very heady and happy at first, then slowly crept through my body for an uplifted, yet relaxed high. Dynamite strain. It’s Not Easy Being Mac & Cheesy!



on February 18th, 2020

Miracle alien cookies is one of my favorite strains so then to go mix it with an awesome cheese strain it made a strain so badass I had to create an account to write a review. Helps to relax and just as the description states puts your mind at bliss. Definitely worth trying if you come across it!



Mac & Cheese Leafly Page

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