It's Super Sour!

It’s Super Sour! Super Sour Haze, at the Rec Room!

It’s Super Sour! Super Sour Haze!

Flower Special!

It’s Super Sour! Super Sour Haze, at the Rec Room! We got our Super Sour Haze! Testing at an amazing 21.41% this amazing Sativa is perfect for a mid day hike or getting stuff done around the house! Also called Super Sour OG, Super Sour OG comes from the Emerald Triangle and combines well-known strains Blueberry, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush with Lost Coast OG to excellent effect.


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$9 Grams / $28 Eighths! 


Edible Special!

To match perfectly with the bud special, but we’re offering a sweet special on our edibles with the Forbidden Fruits going for only $20 out the door!


Super Sour Haze Reviews!


This is insane, I feel so great despite the intense aggression and anxiety plaguing my life in this point in time. I should be incredibly sad and just overall down. But this strain somehow gives me an odd sense of clarity. Its comforting and filled with happiness. It’s a really good time, and I had been curious about this for the longest time.



A sour earthy diesel smell filled the room upon opening, very pungently subtle. I rolled about .8 in a Bluntville Palma trio.. Took bout 4 pulls. The taste of old school diesel is there with a sweet undertone. The magic happens on the exhale when the sour kicks you in the mouth I’m a heavy smoker this blunt might last all day….



A sativa for sure—less relaxed, a little wired. But the high was still ultimately calming. Everyone I smoked it with said it smelled fruity.



Just the right amount of Sativa and Indica balance for me. Started going to a new location and picked (super sour O.G) and the reviews and info were spot on. Perfect with snowcap or snowland.



Fantastic all-day smoke. The only downside is how good it tastes—which will have you using more than you really need, gluing you to your seat for a good couple of hours, talking about all the things you need to do (instead of just doing them) lol.



amazing weed, good for working and being productive just hit my sales bonus while enhcnated under this plants potion, very dense and pungent



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