It's Wax Monday At Downtowns Best Dispensary!

It’s Wax Monday At Downtowns Best Dispensary!

It’s Wax Monday At Downtowns Best Dispensary!

It’s Wax Monday At Downtowns Best Dispensary! You know what that means!

Flower Special

Today we have Collin’s Mandarin Temple, some times called Mandarin Cookies. Sweet citrus and diesel flavors come together in this strain, a breeding project from Ethos in Colorado. Crossing Forum Cut Cookies with Mandarin Sunset, Mandarin Cookies’ tasty terpene profile has won multiple concentrate awards. The high is sedate and calming, making this strain a great choice for an after-dinner dessert with friends that doesn’t glue you to the couch.

Use the secret word to get this killer deal! Todays word is……. Buddha Bud”

$8 Grams / $27 Eighths 

Wax Monday!

It’s Wax Monday At Downtowns Best Dispensary! You know what that means! All of our Concentrate Grams normally priced at $25 are $20 today!

Edible Special!

We will also be selling our Cousin Eddie Peanut Butter Cookies for $20/pack! Come on in to take advantage of these killer deals!

  • “Holy smokes, i am writing this while currently high off of this strain… I at the time was looking for some blue dream at my local dispensary, when I found out the closed early I of course was disappointed.. however not for long. Long story short I was able to get this strain at another dispensary and I gotta say, this strain is by far the best I’ve smoked in awhile… I’m a daily smoker. I’m currently on the couch …”

  • “Picked up some mandarin cookies by magic time aka from the soil in Tacoma, WA at urban bud. Looks: 3/5. Loose stemy dull green nugs. Smell: 5/5. Straight up mandarin oranges with a hint of oak and skunk. Taste 5/5. Juicy oranges. Effects 5/5. Big euphoria, moderate relaxation, creativity altered, appetite up, talkative. Recommended for simply a good time. I’ll get again.”

  • “A lovely Hybrid that perfectly blends what I like about both Indicas and Sativas. A giggly, energetic high that doesn’t knock me on my ass, and will still allow me to be productive, however, potent enough that when I feel like getting stoned, I am never underwhelmed. It looks spectacular, frosty and dense, yet sticky, and breaks up wonderfully. Lovely smell, and the taste was quite unique, almost reminded me of mars…”

  • “Honestly such a nice high, and if you mix with harlequin it creates a nice full bodied energetic experience that can really make your evening. Great for when you’re feeling depressed or in pain and need a pick me up”

  • “This is what I call Schrödinger’s Weed. No matter how much you smoke you never feel the bad effects of being high. This makes for a very grounded and very “aware” strain. Good for beginners, and nice for just genuine sunny days without a thought in the world. Crossfading it has resulted in one becoming overly romantic and loving.”

  • “I love everything about this Strain I’m a big Sativa Fan as I have bad anxiety. I have not stopped smiling since I’ve taken the first puff.”


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