It's Wax Monday!

It’s Wax Monday!

It’s Wax Monday!



Its that day again at Durango’s favorite Downtown Dispensary! WAX MONDAY! We’ve still got our daily secret words for you guys! Capleton by Irie Genetics is an extremely resinous strain. Created by crossing White Widow and Grateful Dawg, Capleton reeks of chemicals and fuel with intermittent notes of earth and sweetness. The plants grow tall and take 60 to 70 days to flower, depending on the phenotype. Capleton consistently tests at 23% THC and offers consumers long-lasting physical effects.


The Durango Rec Room has todays hook up with Capleton on sale! This 27.33% Sativa leaning hybrid is an excellent strain with amazing terpenes. Tell your Bud Tender the Secret word to take advantage of this killer deal!


Todays secret word is………… “Grateful Widow”


$8 Grams / $27 Eights 


But wait theres more!

It’s Wax Monday!


We have Double Sour Wax, Gelato Budder, and Double Puppy Budder. All for $20/g


And thats still not all! We also have our Natures High Sugar Expressions and Koala Bars for $20 


Come on in and see us at the Durango Rec Room!


Capleton strain had me taking “Hit Pon Toppa Hit.” I received super chunky green and purple flower that was ensconced in tricomes. Capleton is rumored to have two strain variants; one favors florals tones, whereas the other is skunky. I received the skunky version which was quite potent, and onset quickly. I experienced a crisp cerebral head change that lasted about 20 mins, then slowly migrated into my body. The physical effects included warming of the extremities, also tingling and increased tolerance to pain. This is an ideal strain for those looking to decrease physical pain and elevate sensitivity to external stimuli, such as massages, stretching, exercise, or coitus. I’d say this strain is a 60/40 sativa leaning hybrid, with a short lived head change and physical effects that increase steadily but wane after about 45 minutes. Arthritis, migraine, and anxiety suffers should rejoice, Capleton provided me with much needed relief from my symptoms. ~Thanks for reading and remember to like/follow

The unique sandalwood and dirty feet aroma had me intrigued. The jar was stuffed with green and purple pine cone shaped buds that were coated in silver trichomes. When smoked the aroma was very sandalwood and woody earth followed by skunk and rank feet. The flavor was dominated by the skunk with a hint of sandalwood at the end. The effects were instant. I was stuck in a mellow meditative state for a while until I busted out into a giggle fit that I couldn’t stop. My eyes have never been more red. The cotton mouth was real with this bud. Five stars!


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