Wax Monday

Monday Madness Special No SOE

It’s Wax Monday and you know what that means!

Wax Monday Special!

It’s yet another Monday here on Earth and the Durango Rec Room is celebrating by dropping down our $25 and $20 concentrate options down to $18 out the door! Now that’s how you celebrate the first day of the week! You don’t even need to remember a secret word!

Flower Special

Danky Kong:

Danky Kong comes from two strong hybrid strains; Kong known for relaxation and sleep and Bi-Diesel known for its happy, uplifting high. The combination of the two will keep you a happy camper. A Danky Kong high starts out with a sense of happiness accompanied by a subtle tingle in the back of the head. This tingly effect quickly spreads throughout the rest of your body, lulling you into a deeply relaxed state that quickly turns sedative and sleepy in nature. The aroma is of lemony diesel with an earthy effect that turns spicy and sour as the nugs are burned.


Come in and provide the secret word “Drift King” to get an awesome deal on this!

$8 gram / $27 eighth


Edible Special!

As per always, we’ll be running a deal on our Koala Bars which will be going out the door for only $20 out the door!


  • DankKnight91


    3 years ago

    “This is my new favorite strain. No, really. This strain feels easy on the lungs and the high is instant. A relaxing body high and all-around happiness will hit you within seconds of your first puff. You can keep smoking this and not really reach that “uncomfortable zone” many of us are familiar with, and is fairly priced for the product it is. You could drop more money on a strain like GSC and maybe get a more aggre…”

  • CornBreadCollardGreens


    3 years ago

    “All I can say is DAMN, this is one of the best strains I have ever smoked. The taste is unbelievable with such a citrusy & earthy taste, the smell is also awesome. Heavy hitter, will leave you ready to munch and hit the netflix. Whoever grew this did the damn thing.”

  • 1992andy420


    2 years ago

    “great for alleviating pain and inflamation and helps me have an appitite.”

  • BurninateDabs


    2 years ago

    “Kong had me so toasted I fell asleep during the last review I did on Kong”

  • mmjmomlegalizeit81


    3 years ago

    “Kong has become a new favorite of mine lately. A great indica-dominant daytime strain for a seasoned smoker. I read that it helped with anxiety, and the anxiety really has dissipated compared to how I was feeling 5 minutes ago so that’s a major bonus in my book. Well rounded heady/body high..you won’t be disappointed. Annd you’ll also be taking in a flower that hails from the other side of the world. Very cool!”

  • GreenPie


    3 years ago

    “The Kong is Strong!!! One of my new favorites for evenings. Heavy hitting waves of relaxation come at you soon after smoking this. I often have to lie down as I feel couch locked. But I feel really good, its really strong and almost debilitating cognitively, even mind warping, yet you don’t care because you’ll be on cloud 9. It is a strain I cannot write reviews while on it, it is just too potent. This is after the f…”

  • LoCoDank


    2 years ago

    “Fantastic. Picked this up at the Grove in Vegas. Love the feeling from this strain. Very relaxing. Put my wife and I to sleep every night we used it. Very chill and not too trippy. She suffers from chronic pain and said it helped her a ton. Would def recommend for medical purposes. “

  • hollymw


    3 years ago

    “i was hunting the flower called ” grandpa purple”. i NEED something strong to stop the muscle spasm’s and dull the shooting pain down my leg. it wasn’t at my dispensary but i was told Kong would be good for my pain. yep, I’m hurting but i don’t care, my brain is so HIGH it is helping me. i feel like I’m melting into the couch. that’s it baby, thank God for the ganja.”

    • Gladstoner


      5 years ago

      “I just really liked the taste of Bio-Diesel. It’s a taste I can’t even describe.”

    • racheal.urbalejo


      6 years ago

      “I came into Medicinal Wellness hoping to find someone with knowledge to what could help me with my glaucoma. I have found in my past experiences . I’m often driven in the wrong direction by unknowledgeable Budtenders. Right away I was greeted by two friendly female Budtenders. I was given the grand tour and I say grand tour lightly. Wide-eyed like a little child in a candy store by the huge selection of flower and jo…”

    • currykush


      5 years ago

      “I’m not a sativa smoker but this strain is exceptional. An instant cerebral high followed by a deep, relaxing body high that is great social smoke, this skunky strain is a must try.”

    • LeaflyReviews


      4 years ago

      “Nice taste, very strong smelling, instant mood changer in the way I went from moody to none-caring and happy 🙂 Would recommend to anyone after a long, stressful day :D”

    • Arielisabella


      3 years ago

      “Unbelievable euphoria. I am quite susceptible to these effects since my tolerance is relatively low, I recommend smoking this strain slowly and in small amounts if your tolerance is low like mine – in other words smoke blunts and joints, not buckets and bongs. Unless of course you are a regular smoker, in which case, enjoy this strain like any other but indulge in a completely unique body/head high.”

    • Rapproduca


      4 years ago

      “Great for pain. I’ve got an insane toothache and vicodin won’t even help. I light up some of this and almost instantly the pain vanishes. The relief only lasts as long as the high. But any relief is worth it until my insurance starts!”

    • Kevinambrocio


      4 years ago


    • hipchick62


      3 years ago

      “First chance I’ve had to try Biodiesel & I’m floating🤗 ~ my go to for pain is usually Grandaddy Purp but this strain is excellent for pain relief & it doesn’t cause couch lock so I can toke on it all day & never feel tired. Beautiful dense nugs & quite tasty too..I highly recommend it if you have a chance to try it – DO! 🙃✌🏻️💙”