New Strain!!! We’re Going Bananas…

We’re Going Bananas!

Introducing …. Banana Kush

Banana kush is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. The result is a strain that tastes and smells like a bushel of fresh bananas. The strain, Banana Kush tends to provide a mellow buzz alongside a relaxed sense of euphoria. A great choice when dealing with stress or depression, Banana Kush also helps stimulate your creative juices and can help you remain talkative in social settings.


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We’re Going Bananas! All you gotta do is come in!




Picked up some Banana Kush the other day and WOW! This lime green, nice-smelling bud just wasted me after about 4 good rips on a bowl. The high creeps in after about 5 or 10 more minutes and left me all zoned out, like I was on a mild acid trip.
Hell, I’ve been tokin for 30 years too! Old school bud for sure. This bud puts a big smile on my face, left me talkative & sociable, tripped way out, seeing things, hearing different and with some seriously bloodshot eyes. Very long-lasting, euphoric high with no real burnout to speak of. I absolutely LOVE this strain!

April 30, 2014


Got this and some Sour D as my first two hits of medical during my first trip to a dispensary. I’ve been smoking daily for the last six months, so I’ve built up a minimal tolerance. I packed a bowl and after three hits I was gone.

June 4, 2016


I am totally new to using different strains to try to treat some things going on with me. High anxiety, and depression, ocd and who knows what else. lol So, I have been trying different blends. Ive found that t0o high of a sativa I get anxiety and paranoia, and over think every single thing. But if I do to high of an indica I then I am wiped out and tired.

May 19, 2013


The Bananna Kush is a delicious cross of Banana and OG Kush. Believed to have originated in California, this indica domininant strain is one of the gentler OG’s I’ve had. The banana certainly comes through, even in a pre-roll.