Rocky Mountain Fire Durango Rec Room

Flower Special!

Rocky Mountain Fire Durango RecRoom

Rocky Mountain High is an indica-dominant hybrid from Colorado that crosses Mikado with Colorado Green Bud. This strain was originally bred by Hazeman Seeds, who recommends a 63 day flowering time for this indica when grown indoors.

Come in and get yourself some Rocky Mountain Fire for a killer price by providing the secret phrase which is: “Locals Blaze”

$8 gram / $27 eighth


Edible Special!

Not into smoking?? Durango Rec Room has your back!

Sativa Coffee Flasq’s are going for $20


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Rocky Mountain Fire, the name says it all. Lucky me stumbled upon some the other day and decided to try it out. Huge buds with fiery red hairs everywhere, coated in crystals. The high came on strong and stayed for quite some time. I became one with the couch as my mind ran rampant with thoughts. Deep body high, very good for pain relief. Would take it easy if your a novice smoker and run across this strain.


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Im not a everyday advent smoker, but I use to be in my earlier years. so I can still take a blunt or two to the face and call it a good day.. And one of those good days happened today! I came across some RMH from a buddy of mine and he decided to roll a couple blunts the first, and use my King Kong Double Dong Bong on round 2… i gotta say – the blunts were fantastic. those big nuggies broke down nice and filled the room with a alluring citrusy spring time smell with a slight skunk stench, that had me excited for this smoke sesh.. Smooth hits with barely a single cough and -BOOM- one blizzy down and it hit me like a fluffy freight train!! my annoying back aches and knotted muscles, disappeared and I was jus in that chill relaxing state.. not sleepy or in a stucc mode, but jus chillen like a popsicle in the freezer.. shit was tight..!

relaxed and was cooling like a polar bear’s toe nails, kicking back being cool, and then for like 10 mins, I started trippin! it was weird but i somehow found it badass lol .. second round, hours later, I’m coming off my blunt high and it’s time for King Kong…. I hit that shit and by Golly – put a stick up my ass and call me a corndog! – that shit did some Mr. Miyagi cross kick to the dome – but a fluffy cloud cross kick – still it fucc’d me up!! I backed into my giant bean bag, like how that Homer Simpson Gif does as he backs into the bushes to disappear, yea that shit – paranoia hit and I was too antsy and questioned everything.. i felt as if some thing was looking for me in a sense .. So my best judgment on what to do with the situation was to stay still….. you know the ol’ “if I dont move, they cant see me” trick.? yup.. and it worked! I knocked out and woke up hungry and grubbed enough food to feed a family of 6… i had a little talk to myself as I’m shoving a cheese cake down my throat and vowed to jus stick with blunts… The end… 🙏😅