Queen Mother Goji Special

Royal Friday

Royal Friday Special is Queen Mother Goji!!!

This house favorite is an indica dominant known for leaving you in good spirits and a great mood. Queen Mother Goji is also known for helping insomnia, and depression symptoms. Start this weekend off right with a stop at the Rec Room for Queen Mother Goji!!

Drop by the store and provide our super secret secret word: “Goji Berry” to get our super secret secret pricing of:

$8 gram / $28 eighth


Edible Special

Not into smoking? We have an awesome deal for you too with our edible special of the day:

 Forbidden Fruit  for $20


    • Kingzez


      7 months ago

      “A great bud for anyone with sleeping problems or depression and or anxiety. This is a must try next time ur shopping!! “

    • Ready2SmokeU


      4 months ago

      “Strong Indica Highly Recommended Must Try and You will enjoy relaxing to this will put you in da couch if you have nothing going on be prepared lol”

    • MrSmokeWeed


      8 months ago

      “This strain is great. A Denver favorite. If it’s grown right, this strain is strong, tasty and colorful. To me it tastes like an OG Kush cross, so I’m surprised to read that lineage. Universal Herbs on Jason St. has some very good Goji as does the farmers market.”

    • Aloomineeum


      3 months ago

      “Bought an eighth of this strain based solely on the recommendation from a local budtender. Man, I’ll never doubt his choices again. This stuff crushes my anxiety a lot like the Superglue strain did. I can feel the weight of the world melt right off my shoulders. It certainly tastes like a thick indica, bringing to mind other favorites like Wedding Cake and 303 OG. A single bowl later, and I feel like I could lie…”

    • ElliesBlues


      2 weeks ago

      “This was a great strain from OKC’s Top Shelf.”

    • bartybartbart


      2 months ago

      “QMG, OMG! Mmm”

    • Gr8atom


      4 months ago

      “ROCKY ROAD AURORA;))))))))) Thank you for introducing me to this strain ❤️ No doubts about the lineage, however a bit more would be interesting 😊. It tastes like Thai Stick from the late 1970’s. I just close the eyes and a bit of music and time for bed. EDITING : There is zero information showing up under the “medical “ side effects “? Well, like , sleep, inflammation, anxiety , GAD, Etc… please adjust to your …”






    Queen Mother Goji 101:

    Queen Mother Goji is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Nepali OG and Snow Lotus, two descendants of classic landrace strains from Nepal and India. The smell is reminiscent of berries, black cherries, strawberries, and Hawaiian punch while its flavor is fruity with notes of spice. You can expect sedative effects that will leave you melting into the couch as your eyes grow heavy.