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This is the marijuana strain review page for the Durango Recroom a Downtown dispensary in Durango Colorado located in LaPlata County. This page will have your favorite marijuana strains as well as the highest rated top ten marijuana strains. We well be reviewing everything including exotic strains as well as the best strains like Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Grandaddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookies, Amnesia Haze, Critical Mass, Hindu Kush, Durban Poison, White Widow, Tai Stick, Chemdog, Chem 91, Strawberry Cough, Sensi Star, Super Lemon Haze, G13, Skunk #1, Blueberry, Bruce Banner, Cannatonic, Northern Lights, Afghani, Super Silver Haze, Sour Diesel, Sour Tangie, Lucinda Williams, Grapefuit, Lemon Cookies, and many more. We also have strains that are proprietary strains from our Growers in Durango who grow some of the Best weed in Durango like Mandarin Dreams, Blue Fire, Pillow Factory, Sour Alien, Wheite Chem #4 Cherry Zephyr, Mystery 98, and many more. We will also be reviewing edibles from Cheeba Chews, Coda, Blue Kudu, Mountain High, Binske, and Marijuana infused Gummies from Highly edible, Wana, Americana, Robhots, Canyon Cultivation IT, Growing Kitchen, and others. You can find the best reviews on cartridges from Evolab, Airopro, Pentagon, V3 oil, as well as oils and concentrates from Sweet Co2, West Edison, TR Concentrates, RM Extracts, Leiffa, and Wonderleaf as well as Fli. Look for strain reviews on Kief Cola, and topical from Mary Janes, Mary’s Medicinals, Coda topical, and tinctures from Lucky Turtle, Marquaha, and capsules from Stratos and Altus. We will try to the best video reviews on strains and marijuana products. All products and strain reviews will be from Lab Tested Colorado marijuana that you can find at our Downtown Dispensary nearest you in Durango Colorado. If you have questions or want us to review a strain please let us know.


CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the roughly 113 constituents that we currently know of in the marijuana plant.  It is a non psychoactive component that people are turning to for relief of medical symptoms.  CBD is the same whether derived from a marijuana plant or a Hemp plant.  Hemp is very high in CBD and low in THC, while the typical cannabis plant grown for recreation or medicinal use is very high in THC and low in CBD.  Always source your CBD from a reliable source that has been tested for microbial, pesticides, and potency.  Colorado has very high standards for testing so if you purchase CBD from a recreational or medical dispensary you know you are getting a clean product that has accurate potency testing.  People come in to our shop hoping CBD will help symptoms from seizures, peripheral nerve pain, muscle aches, joint aches, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, and many other ailments.  CBD used in conjunction with THC can help stabilize the effects of the THC and make the high feel more calm and comfortable.  CBD on it’s own has been known to cause drowsiness and sleepiness as well as a sense of well being and calm.  Cannabidiol was first discovered in the 1940’s and wasn’t thought to have much value.  However in 1963 some preliminary studies had shown some effects.  Because of the relaxed national and international laws CBD is being studied now and found to be a promising new chemical that occurs naturally in plants.  There are new findings in cancer research as well.  These studies can be found on the search engine You can find CBD at other downtown dispensaries like Prohibition Herb Sante Colorado Grow Company and Durango Organics, but we definitely want you to come in to the recroom right now because we have exactly what you need.  We all have high CBD products and as a community we care about getting you the best products.  Before ingesting CBD products always consult with you doctor and pharmacist to make sure you are going to use it safely.



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