OGKB Stardawg & Wax Monday

OGKB Stardawg is Back!

Flower Special!

OGKB Stardawg – This tasty cross between OGKB and Stardawg is sure to brighten up your Monday and offer a great start to the week. This strain has a fruity/herbal aroma, and has a very euphoric, “feel good” high. Stop by today to grab this special at a killer deal while you can!


OGKB has an earthy and herbal aroma with nutty, berry overtones, and its flavor adds a touch of vanilla. This strain is a great choice for consumers looking for long-lasting relief of stress, insomnia, or chronic pain.


Stardawg, possibly named after the bright, sparkling crystal trichomes that blanket the strain like stars, is a hybrid cross between Chemdog 4 and Tres Dawg. Earthy pine with sour notes of diesel color Stardawg, whose uplifting effects may help patients treating stress, fatigue, and anxiety disorders. Stardawg flowers in 67 days indoors with moderate yields.


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$9 Grams / $28 Eighths! 


Wax Monday!

It’s Wax Monday! You know what that means? All of our waxes normally priced at $20 and $25 are going for $18 out the door!


Edible Special!

Not into smoking? Not an indica fan? Never to fear, for the Rec Room is here with out Koala Bars! These amazing 100mg chocolate bars come in many flavors and are $20 out the door!

OGKB Stardawg

OGKB Stardawg Reviews!

Avatar for prm510



This is a fantastic strain for my anxiety and some of the back pain that I experience. I had a nice packed joint first thing in the morning at around 10:00AM and the high was fantastic. No pain, I was relaxed, happy, and productive because of the zero back pain- so I was able to get a lot of stuff done around the house (not anything heavy duty due to the back). The warm, glowing, and euphoric feeling of this strain are great and I would definitely recommend this to anyone experiencing pain or anxiety as it relaxes you and allows you to mellow out right at the end of the high- which for me was a few hours later. I will definitely use this more in the future!

Avatar for Wander_Bird



My neck pain and migraine completely gone; you get a good body high and head high from this strain. My s.o. is feeling it more in his head, very happy and smiley. I’m very calm and tingly. And we’re about to watch a horror movie lol also this was considered “low shelf” at a dispensary near me

Avatar for Yippeyahoosokool



Purchased at Ermont, Quincy, Ma Thc: 25.2 🌸 This strain is definitely relaxing. It has taken me 15 minutes to wrap my thoughts around writing this. (No focus here🙃) First off, I noted a great body sensation. Pressure around the head 😇and eyes, nice tingles and light pressure on the body. My right knee feels great, pain/discomfort has been relieved.

My knee pain was a 4/10, prior to smoking, 15 minutes later, 0/10. An hour later…great high! Played and brushed my dog, was totally into it. I was on the floor playing with him and his toys, no issues with my knees. Made lunch, no munchies for me, just time to eat. Flavor was intensified. Kombucha was super bubbly and tingly, great mouth feel. Toasted bread had a scrumptious texture. Watching f1 racing, the visuals from behind the wheel make watching very exciting and intense. I feel in tune with my body, senses are heighten. This is some nice stuff! Get yourself some!

Avatar for pineapplelightning



Love it. Euphoric and happy head high. Definitely a favorite for a productive day. I cleaned, cooked, took my dog for a run, went grocery shopping, and didn’t want to kill every driver on Colorado Blvd. Stardawg is my new go to for controlling my episodes of anxiety. If I feel like I’m going to have a full blown panic attack, there aren’t many strains that help me ground myself while still allowing me to function. Stardawg has separated itself from the pack of hybrids I’ve tried to get the most out of my day while still fighting off my anxiety. I’ve smoked it out of a pipe and vaporized it with my Pax 2 and it’s been nothing but great both ways. I highly recommend it.

Avatar for stoneymacaroni



Great daytime smoke, still functional and just happy and uplifted. Good for anxiety and depression, able to get stuff done, and great for going out and going for a walk. Awesome flowers, covered in Orange hairs, pretty dense and sparkling. Great bag appeal . Really happy feelings and everything is just funny. Get a sense that everything is just going to be alright.

OGKB Stardawg

Durango Rec Room top shelf with Pineapple Express

Durango Rec Room tops its shelf with Pineapple Express!

Flower Special!

Pineapple Express combines the potent and flavorful forces of parent strains Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The smell is likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar. This hard-hitting hybrid provides a long-lasting energetic buzz perfect for productive afternoons and creative escapes.

The Express we have in at the moment is testing at an astounding 32%! And talk about the smell! Pungent as all can be, this Pineapple Express hits your nose as hard as it’ll hit your lungs with its citrusy goodness!



No secret word needed, just stop in and get a crazy deal on the Pineapple Express for…

$10 gram / $35 eighth


Edible Special!

Not into tropical fruits? Worry not! Durango Rec Room’s got your back with our Forbidden Fruits are going out the door for only $20!


Pineapple Express Reviews!


The dopest dope I’ve ever smoked.



Makes me feel like a slab of butter on a big ol pile of flapjacks!



I suffer from derealization and depersonalization, I haven’t taken prescription meds for every political reason possible and due to the plethora of negative side effects so I’ve been medicating with dear old canabis for a while. This strain is the best day time strain I’ve ever tried. It’s the only strain that gives me the giggles, and makes everything enjoyable even when my perception on reality acts up.

The smoke was a combo you sweet and harsh which tasted bland but in a good way, and the effects hit instantly. Weather I’m in class or driving off on a trip it leaves me in a perfect state of mind to do my daily rut but puts a film of enjoy-ability on it. Overall if you’re looking for something to ease stress, slap a smile on your face, and get you working with some creative euphoria then this is the strain for you!

Durango Rec Room!


Best sativa I’ve ever smoked.



This really made me focus and I guess sort of jittery because I couldn’t sit still and if I tried, it felt as if a warm blanket was wrapped around me, making me tingle. It was very nice and I love it!



Definitely some of the tastiest flower I’ve had. Smells like a bowl of fruity pebbles, This stuff will make me stuck for a good hour or 2 before zoning back into reality. Good stuff!


Durango Rec Room!