Kush of Commerce at the Rec Room

Kush of Commerce at the Rec Room!

Kush of Commerce at the Rec Room!

Flower Special!

Kush of Commerce at the Rec Room! Today we have our Commerce City Kush! This wonderful Indica leaning Hybrid is testing at a wonderful 21.01% THC, this strain is perfect for end of the day relaxation and is a wonderful sleep aid! Kush of Commerce at the Rec Room!


Use todays secret word “Kush Money” to get this amazing strain for a killer price!


$9 Grams / $28 Eighths! Kush of Commerce at the Rec Room!


Edible Special!

Not a big smoker? Looking for a nice cookie or brownie to end your day? Never to fear for the Rec Room is here with a wonderful Edible Special! Today we have our Cousin Eddie 100MG Peanut Butter Cookies and Chocolate Brownies going for $20 out the door! What an amazing deal on some wonderful Edibles!


Commerce City Kush 101!

Commerce City Kush by Rare Dankness is a pungent indica-dominant strain with intense effects. Created by crossing Chemdawg 4 and Rare Dankness #1, this strain delivers fuel-forward aromas and strong physical effects. It hits right between the eyes and lingers, offering a strong cerebral buzz that sinks into the body. Enjoy Commerce City Kush in the early evening or in a place you intend to stay, as the mental and physical effects can be arresting. The breeder recommends utilizing this strain for GI issues, depression, migraines, and nausea. Kush of Commerce at the Rec Room!







One of the all time best strains ever created in my opinion, and I’ve been smoking for over 25 years. This stuff will make a cancer patient clean out their refrigerator. However the product description listed is immature and not productive for those of us in medical only states. And I’ve never seen this strain below 25% THC here.



!!REVIEW FOR ARKANSAS BUYERS!! Great high, heavy couch lock. Completely erases anxiety. Flavor is mellow, almost bland. Not as pungent as described. Also, hits are too harsh. I’m guessing this is because it was not cured properly. *NWAArkansasReviewer* please be sure to leave a review on all products bought in Arkansas. There aren’t many local reviews, so please leave a review!



Tastes great! Immediately felt effects. Increases appetite, gives you a warm fuzzy feeling & a good nights rest. Felt super happy in the moment! Overall a great Indica strain

Kush of Commerce at the Rec Room!

The Kurple is Back!

The Kurple is Back! At the Durango Rec Room!

The Kurple is Back!

Kurple Fantasy!

The Kurple is back! Kurple Fantasy is back and testing at 28.2%! This genetically purple strain is covered in starry trichomes that helps highlight the deep purple hue. This is an amazing indica that is excellent for after work relaxation or to clear your head before bed! The Kurple is Back!


Use todays secret phrase “Purple Flower” to get this amazing strain at an amazing price!


$9 Grams / $28 Eighths! The Kurple is back! And we have a killer deal on it!


Edible Special!

Not into smoking? Not an indica fan? Never to fear, for the Rec Room is here with out Koala Bars! These amazing 100mg chocolate bars come in many flavors and are $20 out the door!


Kurple Fantasy 101!

Kurple Fantasy is a mostly indica strain that shows off her beauty in deep hues of purple, brightened by a starry coat of crystal trichomes. In 2012, Kurple Fantasy took 2nd place in the High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup in the indica category. A sweet grape aroma accents the full-body experience of this indica, whose effects are often described as easy, relaxed euphoria. According to its breeders at Imperial Genetics, Kurple Fantasy is a cross between ’92 OG Kush and Old Man Purps. The Kurple is Back! Only at the Durango Rec Room!

The Kurple is Back!

Kurple Reviews!


this strain left me feeling relaxed and not overly sleepy. great for anxiety.


great indica dominant hybrid. excellent for pain and depression.


Very physically relaxing. Muscles soften and there is the almost physical sensational of stress, tension, and fatigue seeping out of one’s body. Not particularly potent and not much happening cerebrally other than the mind following the body into a state of pure relaxation. A go to at the end of the…


At first I was disappointed I thought my strain might of been old and not working, but this is a creeper, but I had felt better was able to sit longer than I normally can without my legs and back burning. I don’t think it helped that well with my sleep, but it is something I am definitely adding to …


Member since 2019
This is my ALL TIME favorite strain! I feel very relaxed, yet I am still able to function without being completely locked to my couch or bed. Helps my back pain and anxiety the most with almost no side effects. I’m very sensitive when it comes to certain strains too. A must try strain! Unfortunately…


I can’t remember if it was kurple fantasy that I smoked, But I describe the flavor as being what a lilac or lavender would taste like if they were edible


This shit got me fry eye


If you can get some of this you should! Creeper high but very nice. Indica effects with no couch lock. Great taste and dank smell.

The Kurple is Back! And its on Special!

Downtown's Premier Dispensary!

Downtown’s Premier Dispensary!

Downtown’s Premier Dispensary!

Downtown’s Premier Dispensary! We have Pucker! Tall in the grow, with light, fluffy buds and open calyxes, Pucker looks like a prototypical sativa. Its bright-green color, tall and loose bud structure and tendency to foxtail gives it an appearance unique from either parent. Pucker’s tart, acidic scents of citrus are a sweet-and-sour mix of orange and lemon, with dank smells of soil and a grainy, spicy scent of bark subtly closing out the smell. Think squeezed lemon over a fresh (maybe too fresh) bed of greens. Those high terpene levels can fight off flavored tobacco wraps or dirty bong water, with intense lemon and orange flavors suffocating the tastebuds. The tongue is relieved by fresh, grainy tastes of Kush, though, giving it some much-needed complexity before the zest comes in.


Use todays Secret Word for this killer deal.

Todays Secret Word is…….. “Lemon Face”

$7 Grams/ $26 Eighths 

We also have our Koala Bars for $20 a Bar!

You can’t beat the deals at Downtown’s Premier Dispensary!

  • “I received an 1/8 of this from a dealer and was told it was lemon g. as long as I lived in Ohio I had never tried this strain. the bud was beautiful, dense, frosty and it smelled very lemony. so on Saturday night I seshed with my friends and we shared a blunt with maybe 1.5 in it and we couldn’t stop laughing and cracking jokes. it got to the point where we couldn’t breathe from laughing. after the high it put me dir…”

  • “One of my favorite CBD strains. The best thing about this strain is that it is very appealing in many different ways! The structure is amazing, providing nugs with so much frost even the pistils have a white milky look to them. The aroma is a nice lemon, earthy smell. Great for relaxing without being couch locked. Perfect for outside activity or gardening. Great for anxiety, studying, social gatherings, etc get your …”

  • “Decided to pickup a half ounce from my local dispensary, I gotta say this particular batch is quite stoney and gives an indica feel similar to its G13 parent. This Lemon G also has a strong lemon scent and I’d say it isn’t too harsh of a smoke. I give it a 4/5”

  • “I am an indica gal 100% but this is by far my favorite strain that I never go without having some on me at all times, whether it be flower or concentrate. The limonene terpenes that are so very strong and pungent throughout this strain help with my daily stomach pains and nausea, it keeps me creative and uplifted throughout the day without any anxious or paranoid lingering feelings. Every single time I share this s…”

  • “Athens to Cincinnati, lemon G is a southern Ohio strain. Been smokin it for years always and forever my favorite.”

  • “I actually passed out from a single hit of some Lemon G from OU in Athens, OH.”

  • “The epitome of citrus flavor. You can smell this strain walking into the dispensary, even with it in a sealed jar. No joke. If you love that lemony smell and taste, this strain is a no-brainer for you. One of the best feeling sativas I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking. Not crazy potent, but definitely a nice cerebral buzz to get that conversation started. Day-time bud, or a night-time bud if you’re planning on say…”

  • “Full, dense, perfectly trimmed nugs coated in trichomes and a nice amount of orange hairs. Pungent, sweet, lemony aroma that reminds me of a lemon cleaning solvent, like lemon pledge. Once ground up, the aroma becomes even more pungent and the smell begins to fill the room. When smoking, it taste like it smells, but in a good way, and the flavor becomes much stronger on the exhale. With mainly a rushing head high whi…”

Big Monkey Monkey Glue, Durango Rec Room!

We’re Going Bananas!

We’re Going Bananas!

We’re Going Bananas! Guptilla is a potent indica-dominant cross bred by Colorado Seed Inc. With the glittering trichome laden foliage of Gorilla Glue #4intermixed with the “Dr. of Dankness” Gupta Kush, this strain raises kushy, full-bodied indica effects to a level that few have the privilege of enjoying. Anticipate pungent floral and earthy overtones with pronounced cerebral headiness that is anchored to the earth by the physical weight this strain places on the limbs. Enjoy this strain at the end of the day, as its effects are very sedating.


Today’s secret word is…… “Monkey Bud”

$8 Grams/ $28 Eighths 

We are also running a special on our Mountain High Fig and Oat Cookies, $12 a pack while supplies last!

We’re Going Bananas! All you gotta do is come in!

  • “bold flavors. its gassy, if you can mix grape, orange and lemon into one word its called guptilla. gives a deep long lasting high. relaxes everything without making you sleepy. dont get me wrong smoke this b4 bed and you might stay in la la land for longer than you want. even had to get some seeds after smoking this.”

  • “Whoah. Been hitting the herb for 42 years now, and this strain stands out for me. A nice long pleasant stone that leaves you with a shit-eating grin for at least 2 euphoric hours. A happy high for sure that is also very relaxing. NO paranoia for sure. No doubt a good old fashioned STONED effect. It’s so good that I am going to the dispensary to fork out $100 for 6 regular seeds to hopefully get at least one goo…”

  • “Absolutely amazing and euphoric some of the best smoke I’ve ever had and averages 29-30% 😍🤤”

  • “the strains is great for sleep and anxiety I love the euphoria the only thing is I didn’t think was great was the taste it smells like grapes but tastes like pepper it burned clean and was smooth asf the high was great too lasted about 1 to 2 hrs which is pretty decent”

  • “The best strain for anxiety. No feeling of panic or loss of control whatsoever. (I tend to get panicky on sativas and don’t like some indicas because of how sedating they are). I have tried many strains- preferring indicas and this is my favorite. Seriously love this strain. It’s so relaxing and healing to the body and mind.”

  • “Im reviewing the sugar wax concentrate of this strain in a Dr. Dabber Aurora, quartz atomizer, heat setting green (lowest). Right away the flavor comes on a little fruity with big big back of throat sticky turbine residue. Surprisingly, for me, the high takes a bit to come on, but when it hits, and throughout the duration of the peak, it is nothing but mad super up euphoria. Very kid-like cerebral high (riding bikes …”

  • “Heavy hitter. Tastes great. Will put you to sleep.”

  • “Love the smooth relaxing euphoric feeling 1st the smoking this . Flavor is great#guptilla”


Downtown's Favorite Dispensary!

Downtown’s Favorite Dispensary!

Downtown’s Favorite Dispensary!

Downtown’s Favorite Dispensary! Dosidos is an indica-dominant hybrid with qualities similar to its parent, GSC. With glittering trichomes, bright pistils, and lime green and lavender leaves, this strain is a feast for eyes. Its aroma is pungent, sweet, and earthy with slight floral funkiness. These classic OG aromas blend nicely with medical-grade body effects that lean toward the sedative side with the addition of Face Off OG genetics. Enjoy a stoney, in-your-face buzz off the start that melts down over the body, prettifying the consumer with relaxation that emanates outward.


Downtown’s Favorite Dispensary has Dosidos, testing at 20.9% THC this Indica dominate strain is perfect for a lazy day off sitting on the couch. Use todays Secret Word to take advantage of this amazing deal.

Today’s Word Is………. “Cookies Cross” 

$8 Grams / $27 Eighths


  • “Picked this up at Show Grow Ramona ! Worth the Visit, they consistently supply High Quality California Bay Area strains. Been waiting to try this one 🙂 This was labeled a “Hybrid” at the Dispensary. Picked up a description of the genetics off of The description as follows: Do si do is a cross between OGKB Girl Scout Cookies x Face Off OG bx1. It’s a terrific Cookies cross that’s roughly 50% Indica…”

  • “Despite its indica heavy genomes, this smells and medicated more like a well balanced hybrid. Great body buzz with slow euphoric mind high. Phenomenal strain to combat any pain ailments or stress. Not for beginners as this packs (if grown right) a very high thc and cbd composition.”

  • “Top shelf. Super fast, euphoric high. Amazing flavor. Very smooth. After a few dabs, I stared at the wall for 20 mins with complete glee.”

  • “Good for pain, doesn’t get you too foggy. Good for anxiety. Relaxing.”

  • “One of the Best strains I have ever smoked in my life and this one get you couch locked for sure if you have pain he takes it mostly all the way obviously if I can get all of it away but it takes most of it away it is very tasty if you smoke with hemp wick even better I recommend this for nighttime use very good for sleep if you can find it absolutely pick it up it is worth every penny and at least get a gram or to s…”

  • “Whether you’re looking to chill out or get bright-eyed and bushy -tailed, this hybrid is sure to satisfy. Squint hard enough, and you can spot purple buds beneath the peanut butter-colored fuzz that covers the nug. From fragrance to flavor, it’s a tasty experience all around. The high is sneaky… You may think you need to smoke more, and before you know it, your chores are done and you’re having the best pillow fight…”

  • “Whoa! This delicious strain is perfect for insomniacs and to manage pain. Sweet piney skunky scent, taste and an immediate head and body high with just slight paranoia the quickly fades. Be safe – dont drive at all using this one. Purchased from my favorite dispensary, Thrive Market in North Las Vegas — always top notch quality and fastastic swrvice.”

  • “i could get up and move around, but i dont wanna”


Downtown's Premier Dispensary!

Downtown’s Premier Dispensary!

Downtown’s Premier Dispensary!

Downtown’s Premier Dispensary! The rare indica-dominant hybrid Tres Star Dawg by Top Dawg Seeds comes from Afghani #1 and a backcrossed Chemdawg. An excellent well-bodied high with very strong effects come into place when you smoke on this strain, providing a warming body buzz with outstanding pain relief and uplifting effects. This strain is perfect for chronic pain, relaxation, stress relief, and depression. The most common side effects users experience with this strain are dry mouth & dry eyes.

Tres Star!

Come Visit Downtown’s Premier Dispensary! Our Tres Star is testing at 21.35% and delivers a nice relaxing high perfect for inducing appetite and relieving stress. Use todays secret word to take advantage of this killer deal.

Todays Secret Word Is…….. “Three Amigos”

$8 Grams/ $27 Eighths


But Wait Theres More!

We also have our Natures High and Mountain High edibles for $16, and our Koala Chocolate Bars  for $20.

Use the secret word and remember, The Rec Room is Downtown’s Premier Dispensary!


  • “So for some reason at my dispensary (well in all of Ct) they can’t use “street strain names,) like Sour diesel, or OG kush. So they call this #25,violet-but in reality it’s tres dawg. Anyways great strain, especially if you’re an indica lover(like me.) it’s actually a hybrid but definitely an indica dominant one. A little goes a long way with this strain. Relaxing, helps with pain(I shattered my ankle in a really ba…”

  • “This is a great indica for all your relaxation needs. Smells so nice, excellent fragrance. Very strong effects come on quick. I would probably not use this strain during the day. Get this if you can find it and you love good strong bud.”

  • “Parents Chem Dawg (not Star Dawg, as I inaccurately previously posted)”

  • “So first of all I was reading over the effects here and it says uplifting & energetic. I would have to go ahead & say no that isn’t the case. It’s definitely a strong leaning indica hybrid. Form: Shatter Brand: HYH Society THC: 74% Trees dawg is worth a try & I guess it’s sort of rare? Smell 5/5 It smells like my grandma’s house. Or my friends basement. A definite maybe moldy smell but not in a bad way? I like the…”

  • “Great strain, I’d give it a 4.5 but I can’t so a 5. At my dispensary they call it violet/25 since in Ct our dispensarys can’t use “street names.” Ridiculous, since the pharmacist tells me anyway. Great indica, if you can get your hands on it, I suggest you do. Super high thc content(mine tested at 25.3%) long lasting, relaxing high. Definitely in my top 10.”

  • “This is a SUPER potent strain! It’s sticky, it smells pungent – but it’s a goooood pungent 🙂 One small bowl and i’m soaring. This review has taken about 10 minutes to type up… If you already have some kind of nervousness or paranoia, this strain will amplify it. The highness feels like its radiating from my eyes and chest. I’m very tingly. Like a post orgasm”

  • “This is a back-cross of my absolute favorite cannabis strain: Chemdawg. Very potent, not for the casual smoker.”

  • “T 21.5% pure oil from Curaleaf (my favorite oils by far available from one of 3 CT growers) — definitive Star Dawg parental qualities, so a tasty, citrusy flavor abounds, and the intensity + cerebral nature of this particular strain is not one I would recommend for non-seasoned folk.. I could see it provoking or producing anxiety for those folks who agitate easily FROM thc— (vs those with baseline-anxiety, like me..)…”

Happy Halloweed!

Happy Halloweed!

Happy Halloweed!

Happy Halloweed! Happy Halloween form everyone at the Rec Room! On top of our Trick or Treat goodie bag.

Happy Halloweed from the Rec Room!!

Happy Halloween to all of our great customers from your friends at The Durango Rec Room! To say thank you, we will be doing a killer trick or treat bag for our awesome friends!!

Included in this trick or treat bag is;

4 Single Serving (10mg) Edibles of your choice

2 Pre-rolled joints of your choice

1 Durango Rec Room pin

1 Durango Rec Room hat

1 Durango Rec Room sticker

We also have our Cobra Lips on special today.

All of the swag and products totals a value over $60, but come stop in on Halloween and get the trick or treat bag for only $40!!!

Cobra Lips is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent Chemdawg 3 X Appalachia strains. Are you ready to kiss the cobra? This bud packs a potent high with long-lasting effects thanks to its super high 30% average THC level. The high hits fast and hard with an intoxicating lifted effect that leaves you energized and happy with a sense of purpose. As these cerebral effects build, you’ll feel a slight sense of relaxation washing over you with a tingly feel that lulls you into a state of peaceful calm that doesn’t affect your energy level in the slightest. The aroma is very earthy and pungent with a woody fruity overtone that’s slightly spicy as the nugs are burned. This bud has fluffy heart-shaped forest green nugs with bright orange hairs and a coating of clear crystal trichomes.

Just tell your bud tender the secret word for this awesome deal!

The secret word is…“Spooky Snakes”

$8 Grams and $28 Eighths!

Happy Halloweed!



“Well this app does not have my strain so here’s the most close to it. “Appalachian Thunderfuck”‘ ! We all have heard of Alaskan Thunderfuck , but personally I’ve never heard of this cross. The flowers I have are absolutely beautiful and are incredibly potent. You will be either incredibly lucky or a grower to run across this powerhouse . For sure sativa dominant but wow the indica side creeps up on you within 10 min.”

“I got my hands on what’s called “Appalachian Super Skunk” it’s an indica dominant hybrid that put me on the couch for a solid hour of ultimate relaxation. Very light nugs with lots of trichomes and orange hairs, tastes very good.”

You Know What Day It Is!

You Know What Day It Is!

You Know What Day It Is!

You Know What Day It Is! It’s Top Shelf Tuseday! Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybridoriginating in California, has achieved legendary status among West Coast strains. Crossing a Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze, Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. Novice and veteran consumers alike enjoy the level effects of Blue Dream, which ease you gently into a calm euphoria. Some Blue Dream phenotypes express a more indica-like look and feel, but the sativa-leaning variety remains most prevalent.

With a sweet berry aroma redolent of its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. This makes Blue Dream a popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain.


You Know What Day It Is! It’s Top Shelf Tuseday! That means our Blue Dream, which is testing at a whopping 29.27%, is only $9 Gram/ $34 Eighth,No Secret words, no special hoops!


But That’s Not All

We also, still, have all our Natures High and Mountain High edibles, only $16.

With deals like this how can you stay away?


  • “Friends, stoners, red-eyed countrymen, lend me your ears; for I bring unto thee a tale of the Blue Dream… T’was a calm April night, 2014 it was, and I had eagerly purchased an eighth of some pungent Blue Dream. It’s abundance of sugary trichomes, paired with the thick density of the bud was enough to bring a tear to your eye. I enthusiastically ground up the cheeba, packed a generous bowl and went to town. Eight m…”

  • “The “Bayer” aspirin of bud that should be in every medicine cabinet. Smoking is slightly blueberry and harsher then expected. Vaporized it’s smooth and has a perk up and get er done benefit. Nice well rounded, daytime medication that is not sedating.”

  • “I consider this strain perfect for my psychological problems. almost every other weed with this high sativa content seems to cause extreme paranoia but nothing at all like. i felt completely free and loving and more compasionate about myself than i ever have. i have always had an extremely low self esteem and even though i knew that during the experience my depression was lifted enough for me to easily cope with it. …”

  • “So many have reviewed this strain, but I’ll add my two cents for medical patients like myself. Blue Dream is Numero Uno. It is the best! Blue Dream is everything I’ve wanted out of my medical cannabis experience. I’m a sensitive type and I don’t like to be high. I have migraines and anxiety for which I want to reduce prescription medication use. BD has allowed me to do that. Honestly, before Blue Dream, I had just ab…”

  • “Not too many people know this, but back during the Stone Age cavemen had hella kind buds! The stuff grew everywhere and it was really potent because it was fertilized with dinosaur poop. See, they used to feed a Brontosaurus bean and cheese burritos until it was stuffed, then they ran like hell before the deluge hit. The problem was they only had one pipe and they lost it at a King Crimson concert and smoking ou…”

  • “Blue Dream is a favorite for my patients who suffer from anxiety or are looking for a way to stay relaxed yet focused while being productive. Motivated and relaxed.”

  • “Incredible strain, especially for wanting to get activities and responsibilities done. It provides a very energetic & alert high that will give you an adventurous demeanor. Two dabs of blue dream cake badder had me cleaning my kitchen and room while listening to some of the finest cannabis friendly music. A great smoke for the person who wants to get out or just get up to get some shit done!”

  • “Finally, I’ve gotten to try Blue Dream. This is a highly touted sativa-dominant hybrid that does not fail to live up to it’s hype. Right off the bat I’ve got to say, this is one of the best strains I have ever smoked. Absolutely phenomenal in nearly every aspect. Top 5 strain all time for me. Now, to the characteristics.. The buds were absolutely covered in trichomes inside and out, nice to look at. The smell of th…”

Downtown's Primer Dispensary!

Downtown’s Primer Dispensary!

Downtown’s Primer Dispensary!



What is Capleton?

Capleton by Irie Genetics is an extremely resinous strain. Created by crossing White Widow and Grateful Dawg, Capleton reeks of chemicals and fuel with intermittent notes of earth and sweetness. The plants grow tall and take 60 to 70 days to flower, depending on the phenotype. Capleton consistently tests at 23% THC and offers consumers long-lasting physical effects.

Our Capelton is testing at a whopping 27.33%THC and delivers a nice relaxing high with a slight uplifting affect thats perfect for a night of relaxation or a day cleaning your home! Only at Downtown’s Primer Dispensary!

Tell your Budtender the Secret Word to take advantage of today’s special


The secret word is……….. “Get Me My Cape”


But wait there’s more! We also have our Natures High Fruit Expressions Lemon Lime, and Strawberry Mango going for $20

So come on in and say hi to Downtown’s Primer Dispensary!

  • “Capleton strain had me taking “Hit Pon Toppa Hit.” I received super chunky green and purple flower that was ensconced in tricomes. Capleton is rumored to have two strain variants; one favors florals tones, whereas the other is skunky. I received the skunky version which was quite potent, and onset quickly. I experienced a crisp cerebral head change that lasted about 20 mins, then slowly migrated into my body. The phy…”

  • “The unique sandalwood and dirty feet aroma had me intrigued. The jar was stuffed with green and purple pine cone shaped buds that were coated in silver trichomes. When smoked the aroma was very sandalwood and woody earth followed by skunk and rank feet. The flavor was dominated by the skunk with a hint of sandalwood at the end. The effects were instant. I was stuck in a mellow meditative state for a while until I…”

Downtown Dispensary Has The Goods!

Downtown Dispensary Has You Covered!

Downtown Dispensary Has You Covered!



The Bank Genetics Cherry Zephyr is a Hybrid of Cherry Pie x Trainwreck that’s 75% Sativa-dominant. Cherry Zephyr’s average-height adult plants produce a high yield with an average flower time between 60 and 65 days. Enjoy the tart cherry terpene profile of this potent plant. This is a nice Sativa that delivers a nice relaxing high that can still be used for productivity.

Tell your Budtender the secret word to take advantage of this killer deal.


The Secret Word is……. “Cherry”


And we still have our Binske Gummies $20 Each!

This Downtown Dispensary Has You Covered!


  • “Love this stuff. The smell and taste are great. Very good happy energetic buzz. Purchased as “Cherry Lime Haze” @ Red Eye Relief downtown Denver.”

  • “Extremely happy high, recommend Arizona Cherry rickey Limeade to set the flavor and mood for those summer seshs.”

  • “Possibly my favorite strain. Cherry limeade’s is one of the most uplifting highs I have ever had. It’s effects are noticeable pretty quickly and they last for a while. In small doses this is a great wake n bake however in larger doses you are almost certain to get uncontrollable laughter. I spent almost an hour with a buddy rolling around on the ground yelling at his Xbox. It was fun.”

  • “I’m smoking a pre-roll of this right now. It definitely hits like a sativa. It brings more in the way of happiness and euphoria than a rush of energy, the way some true sativas do. I would highly recommend this strain if I had the blues or just to chill with some friends early in the evening. I’d even give this strain another half a star, if I could but I can’t bring myself to say it’s as good as my very favorite str…”