Taking a Break with Safety Meeting

Taking a Break with Safety Meeting!

Taking a Break with Safety Meeting! Durango Rec Room!

Flower Special!

Taking a Break with Safety Meeting! Durango Rec Room! Today we have our Safety Meeting, testing at an impressive 22.84% this is one hell of a Sativa! A cross of Electric Watermelon and 9lb Hammer, JinxProof Genetics’ Safety Meeting will unload your stresses and keep you moving forward.


Use todays secret word “Break Time” to get this killer strain for an amazing price!


$9 Grams / $28 Eighths! Taking a Break with Safety Meeting! Durango Rec Room!


Looking for Seeds?

New year so new product! Durango Rec Room is now selling seeds! We have an Indica, Sativa and Hybrid option. They will be in a pack with 6 seeds for $60 (Limit one per customer per day).  We are very excited about it and hope you are as well. Come on in and check out the strains we got for you.

Edible Special!

Not a big smoker? Never to fear for the Rec Room is here with an amazing edible special! Today we have our amazing Chaos 100MG Gummies! These amazing Hybrid Gummies come in a variety of flavor profiles with each flavor profile containing three separate flavors! Usually going for $25, you can get them today for $20 out the door!  



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Wonderful myriad of effects. Effects coming in abnormal order from other strains. Had severe back pain kept bed ridden all day. 1 bowl, about 1/8-1/4 gram, no pain even when sitting in normally uncomfortable positions.


Grown in super soil this strain is straight up watermelon during flower. Once cured the watermelon is accented with diesel gas. Great for pain and anxiety with creative and uplifting effects. Thank you Miss Rose.


I live with chronic anxiety, depression, and pain. Thanks to half a joint (quarter of a gram), the world feels like a gentler place, I’m able to go about my day better (it’s late afternoon right now), and for once I can’t feel the pain in my elbows, neck, and knee.