The Rec Room is Rockin' Headbanger!

The Rec Room is Rockin’ Headbanger!

The Rec Room is Rockin’ Headbanger!

Flower Special!

The Rec Room is Rockin’ Headbanger! Headbanger, a winner of the 2013 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, is a sativa dominant hybrid cross! This amazing 26.33% will hit the spot anytime of the day, it’s a killer strain! The Rec Room is Rockin’ Headbanger!


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$9 Grams / $28 Eighths! The Rec Room is Rockin’ Headbanger!


Edible Special!

Not a big smoker? Looking for something tasty that still takes the edge off? Not to worry we still got you covered! Today our Koala 100MG Chocolate Bars are $20 out the door! These amazing chocolate bars come in a variety of flavors and are all Hybrid! The Rec Room is Rockin’ Headbanger!







This was an amazing strain. It reminded me of an old school almost Kushy Pine Tree flavor. The effects hit fast and were instantly uplifting. You couldn’t ask for a better antidepressant. It’s great for Pain aswell, really getting down deep. Overall this is a deliciously great strain. This Strain is a killer!



This strain is every bit of its name. Head. Banger. Very spicy woods type of smoke, and instantly made my whole body sink. A lot of my tight and nagging every day pains softened away into the couch and then hit the dry mouth. My head felt like a balloon that would float away from my body if my hands let go of the string. Definitely a nice chill and comfortable vibe.



This is one strain I can always count on. It gives the high that I’m looking for. Not too powerful to where I’m stuck. But just enough. I medicate due to nausea and this strain really gives me an appetite. A lot of bud does. But I feel this one especially. The high is definitely a head high. I can count on the euphoria without being out of it.