This Strain is in Rare Form

This Strain is in Rare Form! Rare Darkness!

This Strain is in Rare Form! Rare Darkness!

Flower Special!

This Strain is in Rare Form! Rare Darkness! Today we have our Rare Darkness on special. This is an amazing Indica leaning Hybrid testing at an stellar 22.16%. This is the perfect strain for end of the work day relaxation or just lounging around your house!


Use todays secret word “Rare Dankness” to get this amazing strain of a killer price!


$9 Grams / $28 Eighths! This Strain is in Rare Form! Rare Darkness!


Edible Special!

Not into the smokable stuff? Not a problem! We are also running an amazing edible special! We have our Robhots Gummies going for $20 out the door! These amazing hybrid gummies come in four options with each option containing three flavors! These gummies taste amazing and are some of the most well reviewed gummies on the market!  This Strain is in Rare Form! Rare Darkness!


Rare Darkness 101!

From Rare Dankness Seeds comes Rare Darkness, a cross between the prized genetics of Rare Dankness #1 and the sweet flavor of Grape Ape. The flowers are known for being a deep purple and having a thick coating of trichomes. The flavor is best compared to fresh grapes or berries, and the indica influence will leave you uplifted yet relaxed. Rare Darkness might be just the strain to help you get to sleep at night or to fight off headaches and migraines. This Strain is in Rare Form! Rare Darkness!






I cannot express this sufficiently. Tears of gratitude and relief. I am a 65yo recently taken off all opiate-for- severe-pain patient…new to cannabis…got my card 8 months ago…tried SO many strains. THIS. Now I get it. This is the very first totally blissed out experience I have had in my entire life. It is like the best nitrous oxide but w/o the mask and tank. No panic, no stress, no racing heart, no monkey-crazy racing thoughts…in fact, totally clear headed but also totally removed from a sense of time. For the first time in a long, long time — I have NO FUCKING PAIN. SO GRATEFUL



💥 Decided to give this sweet grape/berry-flavored, heavy-hitting indica another try bc my 1st experience/review was a mere 2✨— NOT an enjoyable/successful (pain, anxiety, stress, nausea-relief) strain. So when I discovered that my favorite grower produced RD (they also happen to produce not only THE tastiest, yummiest oils available in CT, but now the ONLY oils I will buy [•—> CURALEAF has ruined me for all others! 😱•]

I felt the need to RE-review bc I am thoroughly overjoyed with this 24%thc-indica.. I normally medicate with sativas/day and hybrids/night, so this is quite a welcome change! The day’s stresses become insignificant, anxieties and pain melt quickly away by third or forth toke, although it’s just so damn tasty, I can’t put it down! Calm, happy, mellow + happily couch-locked with my beautifully-dark amber T24% Rare Darkness, a strain I would absolutely recommend to non-newbie patients + purveyors alike.💥



Bright Dark Purple with tangy after tone sweet vibe smells like sweet grape berries with and earthy background taste is a sweet spicy berry that is pungent every hit leaving you numb and very relaxed specifically in the legs



I’m someone who primarily uses sativas; the only time I’ll even try a indica is if I get a migraine and want to be able to sleep. And I’ve tried 20+ indica strains that were mediocre at best. So Rare darkness (Sold as rariden in CT) was a complete shock. This is now the only indica strain I’ll buy, as no other indica comes close. I will note though that it has a delayed effect, so be careful the first time smoking because if you overdo if, it will hit like a ton of bricks.

Within 5 minutes my migraine was gone. By ten minutes, I was eating chocolate. By thirty minutes I was asleep, and stayed that way for 5 hours. the only negative is that this strain gave me the absolute worst couch lock I’ve ever experienced (which isn’t a huge issue because I just went to sleep). It’s a good thing I peed before I smoked because otherwise I would have had problems.