Top Shelf Tuesday Durango Rec Room

Top Shelf Tuesday Durango Rec Room

Top Shelf Tuesday Durango Rec Room

Strawberry Nightmare

For Top Shelf Tuesday here at the Rec Room we have Strawberry Nightmare! This fruity Sativa will have you motivated for the rest of the week!



NO secret word for Top Shelf Tuesday!

$10 for a gram/ $35 an eighth


If you don’t partake in the smokables come down and get Peanut Butter Chaos Crispies for $15!!


If you are prone to anxiety choose Strawberry for its stress-relieving qualities without the jarring paranoia common among high THC strains. Comfortable and relaxing, Strawberry brings physical and mental relief to patients treating symptoms mild or severe. Strawberry is grown both indoors and out with a 9 week flowering time.


Top Shelf Tuesday Durango Rec Room

  • tubatenor


    4 years ago

    “Well I smoke twice a day and I took two big rips of strawberry about 25 minutes ago and it took me 6 minutes to write this review”

  • BakedBuffalo


    5 years ago

    “The first thing about this strain that really grabbed me was the smell. A very strawberry-berry smell with an undertone of tea makes for a very enjoyable scent. Strawberry has a lot of what I like in a sativa, a great uplifting cerebral buzz coupled with a nice relaxation that keeps anxiety at bay. This is a great strain for depression, anxiety, and stress. The potency is adequate, but not incredible. Overall this is…”

  • vesuvius


    3 years ago

    “I try a lot of sativas because I like to get high but still be active. I recently got some Strawberry oil and it’s the best sativa I’ve ever tried. This stuff kicks me into high gear! Take a couple dabs and next thing you know the house is clean. Great during the day, especially if you want to be productive! The best part is that there is no anxiety/paranoia that i sometimes experience with other sativas. Nice and sm…”

  • EbbAndFlow


    3 years ago

    “If you are after a Sativa there is one thing you care about: the high. Not stoned, but high. When it comes to Strawberry you will not be disappointed. A true blue Sativa high that is in company amoungst some of the greats, like Kali Mist, and Strawberry Cough. Leafly is 100% correct about the “uplifting” effect. Go ahead and try to find a strain that has a higher score in “uplifted.” on this site. I couldn’t but when…”

  • C_Roc


    4 years ago

    “I was not expecting that! amazing flavour that I can go back to anytime of the day not to strong but definitely there. who wouldn’t enjoy some strawberry buds? but very uplifting I could definitely smoke this in the morning on the way to work and be more than ready to go. this stuff pumps you up so if you got a long drive it’s for sure on the list of needs”

  • VJvalvenus420


    4 years ago

    “This strain can be a bit harsh on the throat, but in the end its effects are potent and well worth it!!! I feel like it can easily be mistaken for Strawberry Cough. Nonetheless, an excellent strain to smoke. I give it 4.3 ☆ out of 5☆. I would “highly” recommend this strain to all of my fellow smokers. PEACE&♡♡♡…”

  • smilindrgreen


    4 years ago

    “Bloody marvellous!!! Beautiful to gaze at! Wonderful aroma! And tastes like a strawberry prime time mini cigar. Heavy but upbeat presence and feeling splendid! “

  • OregonMicrogrowery


    6 years ago

    “Went for another trip with a different cut of this variety. Carrying this one in the club. Great, very impressed. Vaped at low temps. Came on very quickly, leveled out to good place in about 10 minutes, stuck around until now, 3ish hours off three pulls. Made my work I had to get done much easier. Was really uber focused from it. The medical effects were right where I need them to be. Loss of pain, loss of ticks, …”

    Top Shelf Tuesday Strawberry Nightmare