Ice Iced Grapefruit

Top Shelf Tuesday Ice Ice Baby

ICE Iced Grapefruit

Iced Grapefruit by Female Seeds is a hybrid strain that brings together genetics from ICE and Grapefruit. The resulting hybrid leans slightly to the sativa side, offering uplifting and happy effects that keep positivity flowing. The physically relaxing qualities of this strain come from its ICE parent, an indica-dominant hybrid cherished for its sedating effects. Both parents come through in the flavor as hashy notes intermix with sweet citrus and fruit.

$10 gram / $35 eighth

No secret word today, just come on in and ask for Iced Grapefruit!!


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  • “grown well this bud produces thick and heavy nuts. The smell she gives off is delicious during flower. scents of grape then the grapefruit powers through. A good anytime smoke for me can leave me a little sedated tho after a toke too many and a head rush. good for pain and social activity if not abused”

  • “I have tried many strains to find this one. For me, it does more for my chronic nausea, migraines, pain, and stress than any other strain. Nothing else has come close. I found some that helped for awhile then didn’t. This is my Energizer Bunny; it keeps working for me. Just one hit is all it takes to dampen pain and make it so I can eat. But, please don’t buy it on the west coast. I need it all. I’m kidding. Just sav…”

  • “head high, laughed alot, probably annoyed others”

  • “nice day time strain. while I received “Super ICED Grapefruit” from my local dispensary. this is the closest strain. Super flavorful looks a little weird. like color wise. but smoke is very nice. I’m notorious for mixing my strains and I love love love blue dream and the iced grapefruit together. Nice heady stone. no couch lock at all. Super uplifting. great hybrid worthy of your smoke session.”

    Iced Grapefruit