White 99 At Durango Rec Room

Top Shelf Tuesday White 99

Top Shelf Tuesday White 99

At Durango Rec Room

Flower Special!

White 99, a unique indica hybrid strain that packs a punch. The progeny of Cinderella 99 and  The White, a strain that takes after its parents in aroma and effect. White 99 gives off strong tropical citrus and pine sent, Its flavor is fresh and bright, tasting mostly of tart orange and lemon with a floral note on the finish. White 99 is known to elevate mood and help with depression. Come get your Hump Day blues out of the picture with White 99 Wednesday at the Rc Room.

White 99 has 28.76% THC


$10 Grams / $35 Eighths!


Durango Rec Room!

White 99 At Durango Rec Room

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White 99 At Durango Rec Room
  • frizzyfrank


    6 months ago

    “i bought an o of white99 at a starbuds in colorado, 32% thc.. best bud ive ever smoked and my favorite strand to this day “

  • Koopday


    a year ago

    “4.8 baby! It doesn’t get much better. And earthy zesty smell and a slightly similar taste. Very quick buzz onset in the dome, and kinda nice chill body high. Much more potent than I expected and the heady high makes me uplifted/happy and focused. It depends on your mood before you smoke that is lethargic or energetic, in small doses it will match your mood very pleasantly.”

  • naomidanielle


    2 years ago

    “this made me feel so good. it’s the first strain i’ve had in a while that hasn’t given me a headache afterwards. one of my new favorites! “

  • dylan813


    a week ago

    “Great balanced strain and one of the best hybrids I have tried. I find White 99 to be particularly mood lifting, probably its most standout trait.”

  • anotherphelicks


    2 weeks ago

    “This is the definition of a well balanced sativa dominant.”

  • socialfilter


    3 weeks ago

    “I’ve never written a review before. Marijuana is such an objective, individualized experience that a strain is always 5 stars for someone and they tend to write the reviews. Besides, at least here in CO, there’s isn’t any really bad weed around. I’m writing this because once in a great while I find a particular strain that is just absolutely perfect for my biochemistry. I can wake and bake all day and be productive…”

  • Stitch710


    a month ago

    “Taste Good cant get my tongue wrapped around what its flavor profile is i have taken one dab and im a decent level of high like a 6 out of 10 on the high rating only off of one dab im sure off 2 i would be much more high great concentrate recommend this”

  • Kristofferson


    2 months ago

    “Very potent strain (Tested @ 26.1% THC). Over 1% terps with Limonene being the most (0.78%). However, the strain itself smelled very woody with notes of red fruits and general sweetness. The high is cerebral yet clear and not really racy at all. I mostly felt it in my eyes. Overall, this is a great daytime use strain.”

White 99 At Durango Rec Room