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Valley Girl Haze

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Valley Girl is a balanced hybrid strain that descends from SFV OG and Face Off OG. Resin-packed buds mark this strain’s elevated THC potential, and consumers with a high tolerance may look to Valley Girl for new euphoric heights.

Haze is a high-energy, creative buzz provided by this strain. Haze’s aroma is typically characterized by a spicy scent accented by hints of citrus and earthy sweetness.

The combination of these two tasty strains offers a very tasty, euphoric, creative sativa smoke for the cannabis connoisseur.


Come in and get yourself some Valley Girl Haze for a killer price by providing the secret phrase which is: “Hey girl haze”

$8 gram / $28 eighth


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Valley Girl Reviews

  • BaronOfBud
    3 years ago

    “Wow. After 10 years of smoking in southern california, Coast 2 Coast in Canoga Park is my pharmacy. I picked up and 8th of their beautiful valley girl og after finding out it was and SFV/Faceoff cross. Ive loved the intensity off Faceoff, but couldnt smoke it without inevitable anxiety if i hit a few too many, so I hoped the SFV would ease that. Oh boy did it. 3c farms are masterful growers with original cuts of the …”

  • kingxxelo


    2 years ago

    “The weekend playing..outside on your balcony just vibing. If you want that good feeling(positive vibes only type), get you some valley girl. I’ve been a smoker for 10 years and statin reminds me of the reason why I started. Heavy on the head and makes your mouth dry but well worth it. “

  • Fatphxguy


    a year ago

    “if you have a High tolerance this is what you need. I’m super blazed”

  • Patient42O


    3 years ago

    “Absolutely incredible. OG heaven for us OG lovers. Had me super couch locked for the 3 minutes after exhale. Even after I got up I still have that Pine zest across my tongue. My balance was slightly off, for a second only, but who doesn’t love that intense feeling. Stress gone. Fun level, up. No bullsh*t allowed. I was able to manipulate it to help me sleep, and I stayed asleep. That’s always nice. Valley girl, ha…”

  • MrHerbsMan


    4 years ago

    “Got a sample of this out of Denver that was delicious. Has almost a perfume or floral taste that is very subtle and unique. Nothing very special about the buzz, but maybe the bit that I had wasn’t grown to its full potential. I would buy it again for the right price. “

  • BaronOfBud


    4 years ago

    “Valley Girl Nug Run from Prime extractions. I’ve only been able to find it in The Valley or LA due to its scarcity, great indica dominance, a full body stone with some cerebral head … Without a doubt one of the tastiest concentrates I’ve had! “

  • bunninuts


    3 years ago

    “For high anxiety and depression, this is the best I’ve found. Slows the mind of stress, relaxes the tummy, and tops it off with high desire to be productive. Not necessarily creative but I’ve been cleaning my house with a giggly smile 🥓 I tried the flower and it smells great and tastes better ❤”

Haze Reviews

  • Franksimilia


    6 years ago

    “I ve been smoking this strain regularly for about three years now. Sometimes nothing can compare to that classic old school haze. The cerebral high is a hard-hitter, makes me extremely focused, talkative and happy, it erases every iota of stress within me and gives me monster munchies. But it also causes a bit of paranoia for a few mins, which is easy to handle for me. One of my all time favs. But if u have a tendenc…”

  • JayBomb420


    5 years ago

    “Great for pain and definitely gives you a happy uplifting feeling,and also easy to be with it if you got anything to do”

  • kellagroup


    5 years ago

    “It was awesome. I somked it on a warm sunny day, and everything began to shine in a strange kind of way. I can recommaned it to everybody. Awesome strain.”

  • alvin.j.colon


    5 years ago

    “Being that Im from NY is basicly 1 of the most common strains in the city.Is like a must smoke,you cant come to NY and not smoke some HAZE,is like coming to the city without walking thru time square or eating a slice of pizza or even cheesecake.Hands down,the best HAZE I’ve ever had you can find it anywere in Washington Heights AKA HOME OF THE HAZE.”