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Wax Monday at the Durango Rec Room!

Ohhhhh SNAP! It’s that time again at the Durango Rec Room!

Flower Special!

It wouldn’t be another day at the Durango Rec Room if there wasn’t a flower special, amirite?

Today we have a huge house favorite, and we can’t wait to share it with you for our Monday Special. Lilac Diesel a beautiful indica dominant strain with an amazing lilac aroma to the smoke. At 24.94% THC this bud will have you relaxed and laughing the night away, great for a mood boost after a long week.




Come in and provide our secret phrase: “Smellin’ Flowers” to get a dope deal on the Lilac Diesel for…

$9 gram / $28 eighth


Wax Monday!

Get any $25 concentrate for $18 out the door!!


Edibe Special!

And, of course, as per always, Durango Rec Room has an edible special for those of you who are into planning ahead!

Our Chaos Crispies are going for only $15 out the door! Ain’t no better deal than that!


Lilac Diesel 101:

Today’s strain of the day is the child of Forbidden Fruit and Cherry Pie both parents are known for their relaxing, happy, and euphoric attributes. These properties can be easily seen in Lilac Diesel, which is known to be leave the user with a calm smile and a better mood. Forbidden Fruit is reported to reduce stress and anxiety while Cherry Pie helps fight off depression and pain. This combination makes for a tasty smoke and a truly incredible high.






Durango Rec Room!

Leafly Reviews!

  • Hondo13


    2 years ago

    “This is one awesome strain. It helps amazingly with my crohn’s disease and back pain. The smell is wonderful and so is the taste. I highly recommend this strain.”

  • NeurologicalDisorder476


    a year ago

    “For the past several years, I have struggled with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgi, cervical dystonia, and cervical dystonia, along with chronic migraines. I get several procedures to relax my muscles: biotic throughout my back to relax muscles, myobloc injected into my neck to relax my neck muscles, occipital nerve blocks injected into the back of my skull, along with steroid injections into my lower back for Lumbado. And ever since I have been consuming this medicine, I have lowered my pain medicine in half. Never smoked marijuana before and I am 28. I did this out of desperation and it had given me my life back. I strongly recommend this strain along with other high CBD strains. Plants are safer than chemicals.”





Durango Rec Room!