Wax Monday at the Durango Rec Room!

Wax Monday at the Durango Rec Room!

Wax Monday!

You know what time it is! Wax Monday!!! That means our $20 and $25 specials are going for only $18 out the door!


Flower Special!


27.75%  THC. Indica-Dominant Hybrid.

With its sweet, hoppy aroma and smooth flavor, In The Flow’s Jabberwocky is perfect for unwinding after a long day. Rich in the terpenes Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene, which have been found helpful to relieve sleeplessness. Indica-Dominant Hybrid. Lucky Charms x Bio-Diesel.

Come in and provide the secret phrase: “Beware the Jabberwocky” and get a sweet deal on Jabberwocky..

$8 gram / $28 eighth


Edible Special!

It wouldn’t be the Durango Rec Room if we weren’t doing a deal on one of everything, right? So we got you edible people covered with our Koala Chocolates going for only $20 out the door!  


Jabberwocky 101:

Parent 1:

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms from Bodhi Seeds is potent hybridcross between The White and Appalachia. It may be named after breakfast cereal, but this strain tastes far more like tangy fruit than it does marshmallows. Lucky Charms does, however, boast an enticing coat of sugary resin inherited from its trichome-heavy parent, The White.

Parent 2:


Bio-Diesel is a four-way cross between Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, Original Diesel, and NYC Diesel. The strain excels at delivering both intense and balanced effects: an acute, speedy onset gravitates into numbing relaxation. The hybrid effects make this strain a reliable choice for mental and physical relief alike. It’s no surprise that Bio-Diesel is cherished by cannabis connoisseurs.


Jabberwocky (and parent) reviews!





on October 18th, 2019

Smooth tokes, enticing piney aroma, and good strong effects after just 1 inhale. Very awesome beautiful buds, great for relaxing.






Very nice flavors, on inhale reminds me of lucky charms’ sweet smoothness. Exhale you can tell your in for a good indica ride as the warm fuzzy feeling surrounds you in a blanket of bliss. Great for late night and a good movie…. melted into my chair for a few hours enjoying the evening with a few more hits. If you have a chance to try this lovely strain do so with caution as it’s not for the novice or beginner. Happy Smoking!


Durango Rec Room!




Huge, fluffy flowers. White and fuzzy–almost like sage in color and texture. Pleasant fruity flavor with a quick finish. The quality of the high is just what I’m looking for to de-stress from work to turn around and ACTIVELY parent 2 kids for another 5 hours before I can sit down and relax. Calm, contemplative focus. Able to sit and be calm when there’s nothing to do and ready to go at the drop of a hat.




This weed has a very fruity scent similar to fruity pebbles but more citrusy. The high is an amazing indica high that is just super nice.. very very powdery fluffy lighty dry weed, so because of its lack of density im giving it a 4/5 this weed creates the most munchy feeling of any weed I swear I ate a mixing bowl full of lucky charms while high on lucky charms amazing…




when ever i fell nausea and cant eat i smoke some of this then im hungry shortly after. dont really help with my joint pain , but its better then having to take pain pills. pretty dense and burns farelly long if not broke up ro much. makes me more creative instead of falling asleep. a bong with ice makes it taste really smooth. it doesnt help with all my Crohn’s problems , but helps my anxiety and nausea and that is better than nothing. im taking remicade, anzathaprine, propranolol, lexipro and wellbutron also so it might have a different affect. the final thing i have to ad is this shit gets you stoned.










Durango Rec Room!