Wax Monday! At the Durango Rec Room!

Wax Monday! At the Durango Rec Room!

It’s Wax Monday at the Durango Rec Room!

Wax Monday! At the Durango Rec Room! You know what that means!

Flower Special!

Today we have our Bordello! Testing at 23.77% this indica leaning hybrid is perfect for any day or night! Bordello is a strain that is slightly indica-dominant in makeup, but it also provides patients with a heavy dose of sativa-like mental effects. This strain hits behind the eyes first, with some tingling and a release of pressure that may make it an effective choice for treating migraines or eye conditions such as glaucoma. The relaxation spreads throughout the body, giving powerful pain relief. While this cross of Blueberry Apocalypse and Alexis strains makes patients feel euphoric and uplifted, it definitely knocks out all mental focus, so save it for a day that’s free of pressing plans. Bordello’s flowers will be loose with some curly leaves and have a subtle fruit and herb aroma. Wax Monday! At the Durango Rec Room!

Use todays secret word to get this killer strain at an amazing price!

Todays Secret Word is ………… “Day n’ Night”

$8 Grams/ $27 Eights!

Wax Monday! At the Durango Rec Room!

Today is also Wax Monday! All of our $25 Wax and Shatter Grams are $18! Wax Monday! At the Durango Rec Room, always brings killer deals!

But Wait Theres More!

We also have our Koala Bars $20/Bar

Wax Monday! At the Durango Rec Room! We have a deal for everyone!






  • “ALL TIME FAVORITE STRAIN. I am bipolar and I have massive mood swings that can make me spiral into depression and anxiety. this strain is what has helped me the most with stabilizing my mood, and helps me cope. very good for helping you through anxiety attacks and crying spells.”

  • “Thumbs enthusiastically up for IIH/PTC pain! I’ve searched for years to find a strain that makes any notable difference in my “normal” everyday pain level. When I read about BORDELLO, it sounded like porn for chronic pain and I wondered if it could possibly be what it’s described to be. Unfortunately, the one dispensary in my area that carries it never has it in stock. As soon as they get it, it sells out. Just mad…”

  • “Great nerve pain relief from my neuropathy! I can function again!”

  • “I believe this to be one of my top of the list indicas for medical. It keeps me relaxed and calm when I eat my meals it helps me get the hunger I need to eat when on meds yet lets me relax my stomach after I eat for another 30-45 minutes which by then I’m calm and watching a good movie or enjoying the excellent body high. It can be sleepy as being indica the first few days but with time one or two puffs with cbd oils…”

  • “Was recommended this strain for the first time today. I really hope that this is a regular strain now. It is a high CBD strain with great Indica effects but no draggy after feel.”

  • “Great pain med.”

  • “Awesome for pain, great for those dealing with nerve damage and muscle spasms. It does allow me to function 100 while providing great pain relief. It is heavy in the eyes and head but just keep moving you’ll stay active. Great meds!!”


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