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We decided to clear up some confusion by taking an in-depth look at cannabis wax, a popular type of BHO sold under a variety of names including crumble, sugar, honeycomb, and budder. Extracts are leading the cannabis industry, and BHO’s (Butane Hash Oils) are fast becoming the biggest players in the concentrate scene.

Big dabbing instruments and vaporizers became hip and trendy, but back in the days I made sure i wouldn’t leave the house without some weed and some rolling paper. Maybe I would remember to also pack a lighter, but that was about it.

Nowadays you see people who walk around with whole backpacks filled with smoking gear. A vaporizer used to be a thing you have at home on your desk, hidden from your mom.

Similar to shatter, cannabis wax can boast cannabinoid concentrations of up to 80%. Unlike shatter, waxes aren’t translucent. This is mainly because they have been prepared in a way that agitates the molecules in the extract and produces cloudy, creamy and waxy final product.

Cannabis waxes are being sold under a variety of different names, such as honeycomb, crumble, and budder. The name depends on the consistency and texture of the specific wax.

Waxes with sticky, brittle textures are usually sold as honeycomb or crumble. Moist waxes with slightly creamier textures are usually sold as budder.


The process for making cannabis wax is very similar to that of making shatter or other kinds of BHO.

Cannabis trimmings and buds are first blasted or soaked with liquified butane to separate the trichomes (white, resinous crystals with high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes) from the plant matter.

This creates a cannabinoid-rich mixture, which is heated in order to purge of as much butane as possible. Whereas cannabis shatter is simply heated and then left to rest, waxes are typically irritated during the purging phase, which is what gives them their unique texture.

Common ways to manipulate and agitate BHOs during the purging process include whipping, shaking, and stirring. The end result can be anything from a crumbly substance similar to solidified honey (often sold as sugar wax or sugar crumble) to a silky smooth concentrate, adequately sold as “budder.”

There is a common misconception that translucent concentrates are more pure than opaque extracts. But this is not true.

Whether a concentrate is translucent simply comes down to whether it was agitated (either on purpose or by mistake) during the purging process.


There are different ways to enjoy cannabis extracts like waxes. Remember that some particularly runny, sticky, or otherwise hard to handle waxes may not be suitable to mix in a joint or used in a vaporizer or hash pipe and may require the use of a dab or oil rig.

Mixing cannabis wax with flower:

Dry waxes, such as crumbles and sugars, can easily be sprinkled on top of a regular joint, blunt, or bong for an extra dose of cannabinoids. If you are a connoisseur, you should remember that the unique flavors of the concentrate will be hard to distinguish from the taste of the flower.

Hash pipes:

There are some newer hash pipes on the market that allow people to easily enjoy concentrates such as waxes. This way you don’t necessarily have to invest in a sophisticated (more expensive) vaporizer or rig. Just make sure the pipe you buy is specifically suitable for solvent-based extracts and not just kief or regular hash.

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      Thanks Tony!! We wish we could just say what the deal is on facebook, but they’ll kick us off for sure.. Thanks again man!


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