What a Kurple Fantasy!

What a Kurple Fantasy! Durango Rec Room!

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The Kurple Fantasy

What a Kurple Fantasy! What is Kurple Fantasy? Testing at 28.2%, this genetically purple strain is covered in starry trichomes that helps highlight the deep purple hue. This is an amazing indica that is excellent for after work relaxation or to clear your head before bed! What a Purple Fantasy the Durango Rec Room has!



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Kurple Fantasy 101!

Kurple Fantasy is a mostly indica strain that shows off her beauty in deep hues of purple, brightened by a starry coat of crystal trichomes. In 2012, Kurple Fantasy took 2nd place in the High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup in the indica category. A sweet grape aroma accents the full-body experience of this indica, whose effects are often described as easy, relaxed euphoria. According to its breeders at Imperial Genetics, Kurple Fantasy is a cross between ’92 OG Kush and Old Man Purps.









Kurple Fantasy Reviews!


this strain left me feeling relaxed and not overly sleepy. great for anxiety.


great indica dominant hybrid. excellent for pain and depression.


Very physically relaxing. Muscles soften and there is the almost physical sensational of stress, tension, and fatigue seeping out of one’s body. Not particularly potent and not much happening cerebrally other than the mind following the body into a state of pure relaxation. A go to at the end of the…


At first I was disappointed I thought my strain might of been old and not working, but this is a creeper, but I had felt better was able to sit longer than I normally can without my legs and back burning. I don’t think it helped that well with my sleep, but it is something I am definitely adding to …


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This is my ALL TIME favorite strain! I feel very relaxed, yet I am still able to function without being completely locked to my couch or bed. Helps my back pain and anxiety the most with almost no side effects. I’m very sensitive when it comes to certain strains too. A must try strain! Unfortunately…


I can’t remember if it was kurple fantasy that I smoked, But I describe the flavor as being what a lilac or lavender would taste like if they were edible


This shit got me fry eye


If you can get some of this you should! Creeper high but very nice. Indica effects with no couch lock. Great taste and dank smell.