Durango Rec Room's Wax Monday

Durango Rec Room’s Wax Monday

Durango Rec Room’s Wax Monday

Flower Special!

Rec Room’s Wax Monday.


Pamelina is our weed strain today and was crafted from the Forum cut of Girl Scout Cookies and Rare Dankness #2, creating a high-yielding, pungent plant with a 58 to 65 day flowering time.





Come in and share the secret word…“Rare Dankness”

and score this gem for $8 gram/$27 an Eighth!

Durango Rec Room’s Wax Monday

Edible Special!

Don’t forget to score some Love’s oven Hybrid chocolate chip cookies today too, 100mg for $20!

Durango Rec Room’s Wax Monday





Durango Rec Room’s Wax Monday

  • BurninateDabs


    2 months ago

    “I’m in ❤️ with Pamelina!!! Brand: Standard Farms PA 500mg cartridge THC: 78.35% Lineage: GSC & Rare Dankness #2 Taste: Doughy, earthy Effects: Racing, tingly, giggly, appetite stimulant, euphoric Terpene profile: Pinene dominant @ 1.05% Ranking: 9.8/10 I really enjoy this strain for lounging around the house and it helps me unwind at night time. This strain isn’t very sedating so if you can’t smoke sativas and you c…”

  • SC1946


    2 years ago

    “My favorite strain bar none. There is none better in my experience and I ‘experience’ a lot since I retired! It’s the whole enchilada.”

  • spideyJack426


    3 weeks ago

    “Fantastic. Have found that a lot of Indicas are actually too sedating for my taste, but not this one. Very mellow. Calming and euphoric, but not sedating. Great for any evening activity that requires your full attention and enjoyment. Think kosher tangie with just a little more weight. I also liked Jaeger too, so if you liked that maybe you’ll like this too as I did. “

  • Tz0604


    2 months ago

    “Heavy hitting indica. Very couch lock and tv binge. “

  • AlyGoose


    a year ago

    “It doesn’t knock my socks off but it is a really nice body relaxing strain. It’s a sweeter tasting strain and was helping curb any stress I was feeling.”

    Rec Room’s Wax Monday