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Bud-tender Picks!

Looking for some advice on what to get? Wanna know what your favorite Durango Dispensary budtender has been crazy about lately? Welcome to the Budtender Picks section at the Durango Rec Room recreational cannabis dispensary, the place where you’ll find the top-rated, absolute favorites of our knowledgeable and passionate budtenders. They’ve explored the highs and lows of our extensive cannabis catalog and curated this special selection, hand-picking the products that they personally adore and use to reach new heights of elevation.

Our budtenders are true connoisseurs of cannabis, and they’ve ventured deep into the world of strains, flavors, and effects to bring you a diverse selection of top-tier cannabis products. Whether it’s a flavorful flower, a potent concentrate, or an edible with just the right balance, the Budtender Picks promise a uniquely satisfying and reliable experience. From King to Wookie, Kasie to Cj, get to know all of our Budtenders and the products they love before coming in!

will budtender from durango

Will “The Wookie” Baker

Kasie Salazar

Carlos “King” Todd

Zach “Cryptic” Wood