Durango Recroom

#50% off an #1/8th??? 30% too?? #bestpriceindurango #Cheapest #dailyspecial

HIGHEST QUALITY FOR THE #bestspriceindurango

$30 1/8th

A – Dub 29.89% THC with the lineage of Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Chem Dawg giving off a well balanced effect delivering creative thoughts and a euphoric high, a strain you can smoke all day long without a worry in the world! Take some stress away from this fire and stop in to see your favorite bud tenders Nick and Nathan

Just be sure to use the codeword CREATIVE or show your bud tender this post to receive the deal


But wait don’t tell Pat, we also snuck our I-95 grams on special for $6 a gram while supplies last

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